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Successful lip piercing

Last week I decided to pierce my lip. I had previously pierced my lobes which was successful so I was quite keen to try something a bit more adventurous. I pondered for about five seconds whether at thirty I am too old but thought screw it and got my equipment ready.

My fiance asked what I was up to and rolled his eyes skyward, think he is used to me by now!!

So I got my needle ready (I had previously bought it from ebay and used it to do my ears). I also had some gloves and the bcr I was intending to put in. I sterilized my equipment using boiling water

I decided where I wanted the piercing and started to push the needle through slowly. I was quite difficult as it didn't seem anywhere near as sharp as it had done when piercing my ears, but then I guess they go a bit blunt with use. I got it about three quarters of the way through. It hurt but not unbearably so. I just could get it through the last bit and I was going very slowly and carefully as I don't have any clamps and I didn't want the needle to end up in my gums.

I had read somewhere that apple is a good thing to pierce against so I sliced up one and put the segment in my mouth and pushed the needle in further. I felt the needle pierce the apple and thought yay the tricky part is over, little did I know .......

I had a look in my mouth and the tip of the needle was poking through, there was also quite a bit of blood which I swallowed.

I then removed the needle and attempted to insert the ring. This was fiddly but I eventually managed to get it half way through. I pushed and poked it but despite the pain it was showing not alot of progress.

As I pushed and poked I realised that there was no way the ring would go through the hole I had made. It seemed to be trying to exit the top of my lip rather than the hole I had previously pierced. My lip had also worringly swelled alot on the affected side I decided to call it a night but I didn't want to lose the progress I had made so I left the ring half in overnight. My kids were amused to see Mummy with a fat lip with a ring sticking out particularly my baby who was quite itent on grabbing the damn thing eeeeeeeek!

The following day it was still really swollen, despite this I had another go with the ring but to no avail. I was busy with my kids all day so was unable to do anything about it further until four pm when my daughter finished nursery and we caught the bus into town and I went to Claire's accessories and I bought a tongue bar and some labrets.

When I got home I put the tongue bar in it, I know it is the incorrect jewellery but I was keen to put something through it before it closed up and all the effort was for nothing. It went in fine but the tongue bar was too cumbersome and kept catching my teeth and I was worried about sleeping in it

I then put a labret in which was actually tiny in length and due to the swelling felt extremely tight and I could feel the disc was being pulled into the hole and was running the risk of becoming embedded, However I had nothing else so I left it in overnight and thankfully it hadn't embedded overnight though was still really sore and swollen and I knew I had to do something.

I again went into town and went to a shop called "Ice nine" which sell a good selection of piercing equipment and bought a long black labret, put it in and ......relief!!!

I am really pleased with my new piercing, more so because I actually did it myself, the money I have spent on various bits and pieces means I have not saved any cash by doing it myself but that wasn't really the point however I have learnt quite alot from the experience such as anticipate what is needed beforehand. It is healing nicely and I am contemplating a scaffold as my next piercing. Think I will really need to grit my teeth and think nice thoughts for that one though!!

Thanks alot for reading and take heed from my experience and get yourself prepared from the outset, it could save you alot of faffing about but the effort was well worth the result especially as the people I work with now think I am some crazy massochist and who am I to argue!! Cheers, Verity Mcp.

P.s I was prepared to do this to myself and suffer the consequences, I also followed hygeine rules and I am a fully grown woman I do not advocate self piercing for self piercing's sake it is always best to visit a reputable piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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