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My new Vertical Labret!

I'd been trying to convince my mum to let me get my lip pierced for about 3 years (and even now she hates it, but she couldn't really stop me because I'm 16 now, haha). I had it done today, at Access All Areas in Nottingham (brilliant place, looks a bit scary at first but it completely isn't and I'd definitely reccomend it to anyone, they're so nice and friendly in there).

This was my 5th piercing (I've got both ears done twice, nothing major) so I was a little bit worried about it since it had been a while since I'd had my ears done (maybe 3 years?) and I'd been reading some horror stories about it on BME! I loved the look of the vertical labret though because it doesn't erode your teeth or gums and looks really pretty with the two balls showing :) When I can replace the jewellery I'm going to get a black curved bar with a pink gem in the bottom ball, to match my hair (which has got pink in it).

So earlier today I went up the stairs into the studio and the girl at the reception gave me a form to fill in with my name, age, address, known allergies etc and then to sign an agreement, bla bla bla. I filled it in on the sofa and was chatting to this guy there, then realised he was the piercer! I think he was called Paddy, he was the guy with a mohawk, 2 huge flesh tunnels and loads of facial piercings.

We went up another flight of stairs and into the piercing room (so so sterile! It looked just like a dentist) and he instructed me to lie down on the chair. He then out some anaesthetic spray - I can't remember the name, but it sounded a bit like 'xylophone' - on a paper/cotton square thing and put it on my lip (it tasted HORRIBLE and made the end of my tongue go numb as well). After about 3 minutes he marked the dots on my lip with a purple pen, but I asked him to move them over a little bit because it didn't look quite in the center. The second time it looked pretty much perfect so I lay down in the chair and he made it recline all the way. My heart was thudding at this point, I was really nervous! And apparently my feet were shaking as well :P

He didn't use a clamp (apparently that causes extra bruising and takes the piercing even longer to heal) but it was fine. He talked me through the piercing really gently and told me exactly what he was doing. I closed my eyes so I didn't see the needle and then it went through.

It hurt. I'm not going to lie. But it was roughly about the same sort of pain I'd expected, which was good. It was a sharp sort of throb as the needle went through, which twinged more when he was screwing the balls on (though he was really gentle there as well) and then it subsided a bit, but continued as a dull pain for about 2 hours after that. It hardly bled either. Now (about 5 hours later) it doesn't hurt at all, apart from smiling widely, but my lips are SOOO dry! Since then I've had some bottled water from a straw, a smoothie from a straw, and a doughnut which I cut up into about ten little pieces and ate really carefully. I put some lip balm on it too, but not around the holes, and that's helped with making it a little less dry. There seems to be a bit of bruising around the top hole, but nothing too noticeable.

The guy checked it over and used scissors (I think, though I had my eyes closed) to cut the plastic bar to size. He used a non-metal kind so that the piercing could move around more freely and not get stuck I think, then he attatched the balls onto each end. I sat up and had a look in the mirror, terrified I might hate it or that it would be crooked or something... But no, it was absolutely GORGEOUS and I did a little squeal and dance of happiness and hugged my friend :) The whole thing came to £25 but I gave the guy £30, which he totally 100% deserved.

Overall I am extremely happy with my vertical labret and would reccomend anyone in the Nottingham area to go to Access :) I keep looking at myself in the mirror and thinking how bloody amazing I look! I haven't done any salt washes on it yet but I'm planning to soon. I'll update with how it's getting on and hope it doesn't migrate or get infected or anything!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Access+All+Areas
Location: Nottingham

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