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My lip piercing...

Ever since I began getting piercings, I've wanted to get my lip done. I always thought it looked so cool on people, and I figured it'd look cool on me too. So after I talked my mother into letting me get my nose pierced (which I retired years ago) I started on the lip piercing. It took me a while, and my mom's main argument was "What about school?"

You see, my school sucks and doesn't allow facial piercings. Back then, I was still in junior high. So I came up with a master plan : I would just wear the post of the lip ring, and if a teacher got in my bubble (too close) I would just slip the post through the hole and into my mouth. Then after they had gone, I'd slip it back through. I though it was genius... My mom agreed to it then, but she told me that if I got in trouble for it or if the school ever called her up over it, I'd have to take it out. I don't understand what's so bad about facial piercings anyway. They let girls waltz in there in only a stitch and a promise but the won't let anyone have piercings. They argue that they could get ripped out. Like so what? Look how long it took them to do something about bullying and then all of a sudden they care. Whatever dude give me a break. Earrings can get ripped out too. They just don't want their school to look "improper". They can suck it...

So, anyway, on December 27th, we drove to Sacred Arts. I trusted the place pretty well because they did my cartilage. They were very clean and my piercing healed very well. I was nervous as I walked in. It was only my second facial piercing and the guy that did my nose did it with a gun instead of a needle.

After my mother signed some things, I went in to meet Dave. He's pretty cool. A tall guy with glasses, tattoos and stuff. As he set up, he flirted with my mom like core hard. It was pretty funny. He was like, "Blah blah blah, you should get your belly button pierced." And she was all like "I'm scared of needles." And then he was like, "You've got the figure for it." I was just sitting there thinking, "Okay..."

So positioned a dot on the right side of my lip. This made me laugh inside because the dude that did my nose did it on the right side, and he was like, "Ha ha you're nose is gay." So I sat there thinking, "Ha ha my lip is gay!"(no offense to anyone.) So anyway, he clamped my lip and I squeezed my eyes shut. I had prepared myself for so much pain, but I was ready for it. So he told me to take a deep breath, then slowly let it out. I felt a quick pinch and it was over. I was so surprised that I said, "That's it?" Dave was like, "Don't talk." I laughed. As he put the post in, he told my to chew ice and junk to help the swelling. It barely helped because my lip poked out like an inch or two more than normal. I couldn't eat dairy, and I had to rinse my mouth out after I ate and after I smoked. I remember after we got home, we ate sandwiches, and it was very hard to do.

So when I went back to school, my plan mostly worked. I believe it became infected because it hurt every time I poked it back through and the area around it became really red. Eventually it healed and that slimy stuff quit coming out. The swelling went down in about a week and a half to two weeks. It sucked until I got shorter jewelry because when I'd eat, I bite the post. It hurt really bad. And it stayed swollen for longer than I expected.

So here I am two years later, and I can leave the post out for days at a time without the hole closing, but remember that everyone is different!

Just remember to really choose your piercer wisely. My friend got hers done by a notoriously crappy parlor and the guy hit a vessel. She ended up squirting blood everywhere. She went to the emergency room and they had to cut the ring out of her lip! I told her to go where I went, but she didn't. She payed for it though. Really, don't be afraid to question the piercer's abilities and if he's done the type of piercing you want before.

Next are my cheeks which I am super excited about. That'll be my next post...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Sacred+Arts
Location: Scottsburg%2C+IN

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