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Most Painful Piercing

So my parents have always been shall you say "shy" about tattoos/piercings.They divorced when I was young and I lived with my mother for the majority of my teenage life. When I was about 15 I decided that I needed an eyebrow piercing (which I never got thank goodness)My father, although 350 miles away told my mom that I couldn't get it done. She sided with him as we were sitting outside the studio waiting to get it done. Later on I ended up getting my belly button pierced. After that my nipples...after that my nape...after that my Hood...after that 2 inner labia...and after that my vert labret.

This is a very tragic story about one of my most favorite piercings. I had been looking for a new piercing when I ran across a picture of a vertical labret and I fell in love. they look so attractive and sensual. I just couldn't help myself. After waiting for several months (so I knew that it was something I really wanted to get) I took my boyfriend with me down the the piercing shop to talk to my piercer. When I asked him about it, he said "lets do it!" which is his answer every time a ask him about something new.I had to wait for someone to get their piercing, so my boyfriend went to get himself some cancer (smokes) while we waited. Almost as soon as he left it was my turn. Now I have to tell you that I am a wimp when it comes to needles. I cannot even watch someone get pierced.You would think that after having a needle between your legs you wouldn't be afraid of anything but not me! Always a wimp! After my piercer telling Me over and over that it shouldn't hurt much more t han a regular lip piercing I lay down on the piercing table. He let me watch him pull the fresh needle out of its package as always. He cleaned my lip and spent about 10 minutes placing the 2 dots there. He does most all of his piercings free hand so I don't have any kind of clamp horror-stories to tell. He counted to 3. WOW!! I winced like you would not believe. It hurt like no other piercing I have ever had before. It was incredibly painful. Thats what it comes down to...it was incredibly painful. like a ripping tearing feeling. Putting in the jewelry hurt just as bad if not more. Then I was done! at long last I had my beautiful vertical labret!....and my boyfriend and support team was MIA! But it didn't matter at that point. I looked in the mirror and fell in love.

Too bad my happiness was short-lived. I went to a gas station and got a cup of ice for my lip and took some aspirin. The first day was just fine, but after that it all went wrong. My lip swelled too much and a divit began in the hole on the top of my lip. I went back to the studio. My piercer was not there, just the apprentice. She gave me another barbell and changed it out for me. It was barely longer than the first one. I had to constantly pull the ball out of my lip because divits can last for literally years if you let them get bad. I went back a second time when my piercer was there and he finally gave me an extra long barbell. It looked kind of funny but it was only for a few days anyway I figured. But my body had begun to try to heal itself and was still trying to heal over the ball of the jewelry. It turned white behind the top ball and I was instructed to hold uncoated aspirin on it to eat away the growing skin. It worked but only short term. One day I just ended up
taking it out : (.

It was all because the barbell was a tad too short in the initial piercing. I let it heal all up and now you cant even tell that I had a piercing. The whole thing lasted appx. 3-4 weeks. I am planning to have it re-done as soon as I get up the courage to face that needle again. Since I know how much it hurt before it is so much more difficult to go back and get it done.

I have 3 microdermals that I will be getting when I have the money, then my beautiful vert labret after that. : ) If anyone is thinking about this piercing, just do it! Make sure you have an extra long barbell when you get it done to accomodate for the swelling. It may look funny but it will only be for a few days until the swelling goes down. Maybe pick a time to do it when you don't have work or school so you don't feel funny with a big piece of metal sticking out of your lip : )


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Christian
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