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Have you ever have one of those piercings that you haven't really thought about, but you see it and you just know you have to have it? Well, yeah, this would be a story about one of those piercings.

Because of my job in retail, I knew that facial piercings were out of the question. I have a center lower lip piercing that is located right below the bow of my lip and I keep a very tiny jewel ball in it so it's almost impossible to see unless I pull my lower lip in my mouth. I also paint this black during the weekday so that if anybody asks, I can pull it off as a mole. Some of my coworkers know I have facial piercings, but they are so hard to see that they sometimes ask me if I still keep it in. I figured if I had so much luck with this, I could have a facial piercing in full view and still have coworkers and customer none the wiser.

So, after two paragraphs, I now see the need to tell you that I am talking about a Monroe, Madonna, whatever. I will be calling this a Monroe because I like her better than Madonna. I can't tell you where I saw it or why I want it, because it slips my mind. All of that is pretty unimportant anyway. I'm sure that more than anything, you stumbled on my experience to find out the procedure, how much it hurt, and the healing process, so I will keep it as true to this as possible.

I entered Koi Studios in Salt Lake City one morning. I drove there by myself, which was not the smart thing to do, but I didn't know that at the time. I'm very familiar with the studio, as this is where I always get my piercings. I walk in and up to the counter. My girl crush is working the front and I explain that I would like a Monroe piercing done with the smallest ball possible. She understands that I do this to hide it from my job, as we talked about it before with my lower lip. She takes me through the choices I have and tells me that the smallest I can go is a jeweled ball, which I really didn't want, but now I have grown quite accustomed to. She inspects and makes a copy of my driver's license and I fill out the paperwork while she runs my credit card through. Then I wait silently while I wait for Marty to get the equipment ready.

Next thing I know I'm in the back room with my lip being painted on. I kind of had an idea of where I wanted the piercing to go and asked Marty if I could mark myself and he could adjust the placement if he thought it was no good. he allowed me to look in the mirror and point to where I wanted the little dot to go. He agreed that it seemed to fit my face well and proceeded to make small adjustments, his finger feeling inside my lip and pulling it upward so that he could get a good look where it would exit and if it would hit my gums or teeth. Finally, he brought forth the needle and jewelry, changing gloves numerous times in between.

He took my upper lip between his fingers and flipped my lip up and down while staring 2 inches away from my face. He would not be using anything but his fingers to feel through. Then he took the needle and placed it inside my lip. He asked me to inhale and then exhale, and while exhaling, he pushed the needle though. I felt a very slight pinch, and then a pull and tug of the jewelry. In an instant, my jewelry was in and I was finished. I looked in the mirror and was quite pleased. I tipped Marty and confessed my never dying piercing love for him and left.

I got my piercing done on Friday and spent the weekend icing the front to keep the swelling down. I swished with salt water and removed any crusties from the outside by soaking the piercing in a cotton ball soaked with salt water and then carefully wiping it. Monday morning, I carefully painted the piercing black with nail polish.

Nobody knew I had a piercing. I had a meeting with my managers and assisted customers all day and never once was I asked about the new black dot on my upper lip. The swelling went down after about 2 weeks and I was able to put a smaller stud with a smaller disk in the back.

I actually sometimes forget I have this piercing. It's very low maintenance. I never nicked my teeth or rubbed my gums. I would suggest this to anyone who was debating.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Marty
Studio: Koi+Piercing+Studio
Location: Salt+Lake+City

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