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Just Get It Done.

It all started with a bet. A pretty STUPID one, might I add. My friend and I had bet on our friends' relationship. I gave them 2 months before they both decided to head off to Splitsville, but she had a little bit more faith in them. Anyways, the waver was that whoever lost had to get a piercing in the body part of the winner's liking. We safely picked SANE places to be pierced, none of that nipple, genital stuff. I was to get my lip pierced, and she was to get her tongue. Of course, I lost.

And you know what? It wasn't that bad, and I was kind of happy I lost because I'd always wanted a lip piercing, but never had a reason to get it. Now I did. The hard part was to find someone who would be willing to pierce a minor, and then later, to hide it from my strict angry Asian parents. Yeah, Asian.

Anyways, my other friend had his nipples done somewhere in West Village in NYC when he was 17, so I decided to try that out. I brought my friend with me, and we walked for miles in the city. From the Penn Station, West Village was about a mile away, and being from a mostly rural town in New Jersey, we got lost. Finally, after about an hour of wandering around in Chelsea, gawking at gay guys and commenting on hobos in the city heat, we walked into a RiteAid. We scoped out people to find someone to ask where to find a nice piercing place. Of course, our cashier had a bunch of tattoos; she looked perfect.

We asked, and she told us where to find one. Next thing I know, I'm standing in front of a small store with a neon sign "Piercing and Tattoos". It looked empty, but legit. It looked clean and everything... just small... and scary. I hesitated, finally, the fact that it was actually happening sunk in. But my friend pushed me in, and the sound of me stumbling into the small store caused a friendly guy to jerk out from another room. I swallowed and managed to squeak out, "Do you do lip piercings?", and with a slight undistinguished accent, he answered and told me the price.

The entire walk in the city, my friend and I were practicing our lying skills. She pretended to be the piercer and I had to lie to them that I had left my ID at home and try to assure them that I was not a minor. But that wasn't going to get me anywhere since I probably look like I'm 13. Anyways, this guy smiled at me and pulled a contract from under his counter, asking me to sign it, again with his strange accent. I saw him hesitate for a moment, probably realizing that both my friend and I were NOT 18. But he didn't care much, and I signed the sheet and walked to the back. Within 2 minutes, it was done. Minor pain, much like popping a nasty pimple on my lip, and that was it. It was pretty awesome; I was glowing for hours afterwards. I felt like a BAD ASS. And this guy was pretty cool, gave me tips on how to take care of it and made it sound pretty minor.

I stayed the night with my friend for the initial "night of pain" I had read about online. Turned out fine. I woke up with nothing more than a little bit of blood crusted on the ring, but no swelling or pain at all. It was beautiful. So I scurried on home while my parents weren't home and taped a piece of cotton to my face; I was going to tell them that I fell and play that card for a week or so before I could change it to a clear retainer and get on with my life.

And my dad believed me when I walked around with a huge cotton swab on my face; I looked so ridiculous, I don't understand how he did. Then I felt awkward and guilty and ran upstairs to consult my friends. They all told me to just tell him face to face. I was scared I'd lose that face after the confrontation. He'd probably grab my lip and tear it off with his bare hands. And, my mom? She would probably do the same, then light my face on fire just for that extra little kick of pain. Well, that night my dad went out for a Majong (kinda like Asian poker, I guess) night, and my mom was in China! So I was going to tell my dad and hope for his support to tell my mom. Still, he was going to flip. So I waited at home, with butterflies KILLING me from the inside out. Well, my dad came home late and I was half asleep when I told him. I simply came out of my room, with it in the open and said "Dad I got my lip pierced." He gave me a look and shrugged "Eh, I don't like it. It looks weir

d." THAT WAS IT. It came out better than expected. Anyways.... Now I just have to wait for my mom to come home to tell her! Wish me luck. And good luck to all you minors trying to get your whatever pierced. I expected some craziness and I ended up with good results. SO FAR. I know my mom will kill me. But at least my dad is cool with it. E-mail me if you want details about the shop I went to. They're sterile and cool. Real awesome.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Location: New+York+City.

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