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A Sore Experience- My Short Lived Cheeks.

I never originally wanted cheek piercings, but the more I saw them, the more I decided that they were gorgeous, and a must-have. It was about a year ago when this happened, and I just realized that I should write about them. They were unfortunately short lived, though I'm considering having them re-done.

I finally decided that I wanted them done. I called and made an appointment at a place that has since been closed, most likely because of under qualified piercers. I personally had no problem there, but I HIGHLY recommend that if you're going to a new place, you check out your piercer and shop beforehand. After I had called, I was majorly stoked. I was going to get my piercings. We talked on the phone for a while, the guy and me, and we decided on implant grade titanium instead of stainless steel. I'm allergic to most metals, and he thought that this would give me the least troubles. We talked about the gauge, and decided that they should be pierced at a 14g, instead of a 12g that he usually did them at.

Finally, the day came along. I was scared out of my mind. These were my first piercings besides my ears as an infant, and I expected the pain of a piercing to be lying-on-the-floor-clutching-my-face bad, especially because of the location. The skin is thick, and just seems to be not a very happy place to pierce. I really wanted them, however, so my fear didn't quite stop me. I was almost persuaded to stop by the thought that the blood would be immense, but in the end, I decided that I wanted to go along with this.

When we showed up at the shop, I had to fill out forms. My mom needed her drivers license, and I needed my health care card, and a copy of my birth certificate. We looked again at jewelry. The piercer talked more about the gauge, and how the 14g leaves less of a chance of permanent dimples, as it's smaller. We talked a bit about the jewelry, and I picked two plain titanium bars to go in. nothing too flashy to start.

He took me into a back room after this. He lied me down and looked at my face. He measured twice, and made two tiny little dots in ink on my face. I looked at them, and had him re-do them. It took him about three tries, but in the end we found a placing that would be perfect. I have a problem with my piercings not being symmetrical, so I was a bit anal about it.

He had my lie down again. He clamped the left side, and put the needle to my cheek. I shut my eyes really tight and he told me to breathe in. I did, and I felt a strange pain. It was probably the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. It was a slight burning feeling coming out, and really sharp. It felt longer then it was, but it was nothing compaired to what I expected it to be. My cheeks are kind of fat, but I expected so much more pain and blood then I got.

He put the jewelry in, and screwed on the barbell. I have to say, this was rather painful, and probably the worst part of the whole procedure. The other cheek went just as well, not being painless, but not being horrible. It was an odd sensation, and had a sting afterwards that coursed through my jaw and face.

I paid and left shortly after, and he went over aftercare with me. He told me that I could come back in six weeks to downsize my piercing, no spicy food or milk, etc.

For the next few days, my cheeks were swollen beyond belief. The barbell sunk into my cheeks and I thought for sure that they would be eaten by my cheeks. I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't eat, I couldn't talk, I could hardly move without a dull, stinking pain that went from my jaw up to my temple. It wasn't unbearable, and I could still sleep. It was just constant pain that didn't fade with Advil.

Eventually, the swelling was too much to take. On the fifth day, after the swelling had not gone down at all, I went back to the studio. I had them remove the jewelry for me. It was very unfortunate, and I regret it now. I am considering getting them re-done, and to anyone who is considering this piercing: SICK IT OUT. It's totally worth the wait, as much as it doesn't feel like it. I wish I could re-do this experience. I would go with a better studio, I would keep them in, and I would probably ask for longer jewelry.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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