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I learned from my experiences.

Hey sup, whats hood people?

Terribly sorry, it's somewhat of an impulse. It's because I'm feeling hood. Not really. I was thinking I was feeling hard-core for a moment. That is, of course, if hard-core is when you do something extremely stupid without thinking. Yeah, it probably is where I come from. Florida is such a strange place. Now, from the title, you might have an idea of what this will be about. If not, I'll fill you in on little something.

What I learned today was:

If you learn from your experiences, apply the information next time you come across it! If you don't, you'll end up wanting to write a story on BMEzine.com!

A while back I got a smiley piercing. Actually, I did it myself. During the taunting of friends I noticed I pierced it with a solid needle instead of a proper hollow needle. STUPIDITY. It didn't take long until it started to heal improperly and was in the process of rejection. Good news however, it healed up before it came out and everything is fine now. When you dodge a bullet, try not to get fired at again right?

The real story:

It was a hot day at my house down in Florida. Not a good day for band practice but it happened anyways. After three straight hours of "Brutal metal-core music" I was sitting around chatting with friends and they noticed my upper lip frenulum piercing (The smiley). One of them said it was "Whack as f***" (Translation: Ridiculously stupid.). Another said it looked good on me. My other friend Joey however, showed me his lower lip frenulum piercing. He said his didn't hurt at all, and it healed real fast. Guess what was running through my mind. Yeah, I wanted a matching lower lip piercing.

I held off on the idea for a few days though. I only had one horse-shoe barbell left. So I was deciding on starting off my ears at 16 gauge and stretching to 00 sometime, a transverse lobe, a good ole fashioned labret, or of course, the lower lip frenulum piercing. I just couldn't make up my mind. I put down the whole idea of self piercing for maybe a week.

It wasn't till a couple days ago that I noticed all of the other piercings wouldn't look as good with a horse-shoe barbell. Frowney is the chosen one! Smiley was easy, frowny should be too! That night, I was brushing my teeth, and decided to get out the needle. I got it from my dads paramedic equipment, yes it was hollow. Now, just wait a second. What do you think happens next? I pierce my lip, or I do something even more ridiculous?

There I was looking at the horseshoe barbell's case, noticing the other piece of jewelry that I totally forgot about. It's a nice curve barbell with short cones on the end, absolutely perfect for a transversal lobe! A professional needle? I would rather use that for a more difficult piercing. Like the transversal lobe. Are you seeing where this one is going? Nope, I don't pierce my transversal lobe right now and bleed everywhere. I really don't, I instead decided to.. Use the sewing needle on the counter.. to pierce my frowney. =[

I get this thing soaked in some wound cleaning solution. Sterilize the jewelry and hands and such. Then Proceed to pull my lip down in the most comfortable position to pierce that wimpy little double membrane. I stuck it in the first side, no.. didn't hurt.. but I remembered from the smiley that it will get stuck if you go real slow. Then again, I guess you must go slow anyways. Freehand piercing without a cork is not an easy thing to do fast, because I poked a couple wrong holes. I pushed harder to get it through faster but it didn't push through the other side all the way. Thus causing a large amount of blood and much pain. I cleaned the blood away and took another shot. Since I didn't have a cork, I had to put my finger where the needle went through. It worked though! Leaving me with a poked finger as a result. Too bad I didn't realize beforehand that the ring is a 16 gauge.. and absolutely will NOT go through the 20 gauge hole I made. Fitting the needle back in was the on ly option then.

So I kept the needle in, Went downstairs to get the camera, and took some cool pictures. They will be up here somewhere, and you will further visualize my persistent stupidity. I cant wait till my mother sees those pictures!

The next day I took it out. Waited another day, and did it again with the hollow needle. The procedure went smoothly and I ended up using a broken earing from my sisters jewelry box to fill the hole. After two uncomfortable days, I switched it out with the 16g horse-shoe barbell and it looks great. I'm glad it healed fast. Also, I don't know if it's normal but it tickled when it was healing, It felt pretty cool. Kind of like when I tug on it now. Same with the smiley but this one was more prominent. =]

Thanks for reading, I should be back sooner or later to tell about the next experience.


If you are thinking about getting it done (professionally), I say go for it. It heals fast and improves "Grillin" people.(Showing off all of your teeth as if you have gold caps on them.) But you gotta watch out for gum erosion. It's starting to do that with my upper lip piercing, and I heard that its not a good thing to have for a long time. Actually a very bad thing.

Also, don't be as unintelligent as I am and self pierce without experience and/or proper equipment... EVER!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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