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I guess he was right after all...

 This, obviously, is my story about my vertical labret experience so far.  Actually, I'll go back a little farther than the actual piercing itself.  You see i have wanted to get my lip pierced since I was 15, which is almost three years ago now.  And, of course, I was always told no.  My plan was to get snakebites on my 18th birthday. Yea well that lasted until just about everyone got snakebites so they would fit in with all the other 'scene kids'.  So I finally decided on a vertical labret piercing, and my mom's boyfriend said he'd take me to get it done (yes, before I turned 18).

I called the only really good piercing place I knew of that would pierce minors and they didn't have any appointments for two whole weeks. I simply couldn't wait that long! So my sister (who was also going to get her belly button pierced) called the only tattoo/piercing shop in our town, who could do two piercings that night. So, needless to say, I got it done right away on last Friday night.

We drove the five minute or so drive to the studio (which I have chosen to leave anonymous for personal reasons). We walked in the shop and the piercer was in his little room (cleaning his hands i figure), and the receptionist was at her desk. She immediately handed my sister and I each a piece of paper used to sign away our souls, and the boy toy had to sign at the bottom. She didn't ask him to see an ID, wich I was happy about, seeing as he's not my father.

Then the piercer, Aaron, asked who was going first, and I was eager to. So the lip first? he asked. I walked in the little room and asked if he could do a vertical labret. He said he could but I wouldn't like it. He said that most people end up taking them out because they're a royal pain in the ass and don't heal correctly, but he could do them and he has done a lot of them. So I said go for it and he did. He walked across the room to get some gloves and put them on, then grabbed his purple marker and proceeded to draw on me. He drew the bottom mark, then sprayed it with water and erased it. He did the same thing again. And again and again. Then he complained about how the placement on these is a bastard. Finally about ten tries and countless "put your lip up" then "okay down again"s later he declared that it was perfect. Now for the hard part (or probably in my case the easy part).

He got a pair of clamps and put them on my lip and told me to hold them there while he opened up the needle. He took the clamp back and set the needle on the top of my lower lip and applied slight pressure. I thought this was slightly weird because I was expecting him to go through the bottom up. I'm not going to lie, the needle hurt up there even though it wasn't really going through the tissue yet. He told me to breathe in. I did and before I got the chance to exhale the needle was fully in my lip. It was roughly the same type and amount of pain as when you bite the inside of your mouth with a lot of force and it starts bleeding. He left the needle in there and got a piece of jewelry. I wasn't watching what he grabbed because I was totally zoned out (which often happens when I'm in pain). He put it up to the needle and had it in before I knew it. He even had the tiny ball screwed on without even tugging on it and making it hurt. Then he got a paper tow el and wiped away the blood. I got up and looked in the mirror and I loved it! My sister looked at it and proclaimed that it looked sweet. She also said that she heard my lip pop from across the room when the needle went in. EWWWWWW!! When we were both done we paid and left (mine was 60 dollars).

Well I was really happy with it for the rest of the first night (except when the top and bottom balls got caked with blood, that was pretty grody. But that only happened once, right after it was done). The problem was the next day, when my lip was really swollen. And plus it doesn't help that I naturally have fat lips. The top ball on my barbell kept sinking into my swollen lip and eventually formed an indent on my lip that I could see if I pushed up the jewelry. I also noticed a small bruise behind the piercing itself. I just figured it would go away and put ice on it. However by the next day the bruise was bigger and there was a new one on my lip so it was turning purple. I decided that I definitely needed to put something new in it. So today (3 days after it was done) I went back to the shop to see what he had. He said that mine actually looked better than most people's do, but he had no longer size 16 curved barbells, so he had to put a ring in it to accommodate for the swelling. He said he knew it wasn't the most attractive thing in the world, but to come back in a week when the swelling subsides and he'll put the other one back in. He also said the other barbell I had in is going to be the perfect length and that it looks really good (which makes me happy because he's really hot).

Overall I really like my piercing (with the correct jewelry in it), and cannot wait for it to heal. But I guess Aaron was right...it really is a pain in the ass! My advice is make sure you really want this piercing before you have to deal with all the pain and pain in the ass healing problems. And make sure you have lots of straws!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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