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One Half of A Snake Bite

I've wanted a lip piercing since I was in fourth grade, ever since I saw Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, as fan-girly as I know that sounds. My parents have always been vehemently against piercings on the face, even though they were completely fine with tattoos, as they have several of their own.

I went through the rest of my middle school and high school years arguing with my mom about the idea of having a lip piercing. As the years went by, I began to see more people with their lip pierced. This just peaked my interest more, and I saw several different ways that a lip could be pierced. When I saw snake bites, I instantly fell in love. I wanted a pair of my own, badly.

Throughout December, after I turned 18, I went through one of the worst months of my life. I basically decided that there was nothing that my parents could do anymore, considering I was 18. I was going to get my snake bites. The day that I had this wonderful realization happened to be a Monday, and most tattoo shops are closed, unless you have an appointment. Despite this, I called my mother and told her I was dead set on getting my snake bites. She caved a bit and told me that I could get one piercing done. I could settle for that. It was better than none.

I desperately called around for places that could do it, because I wanted it done that day. The first place I called was a tattoo/piercing shop called Ritual Addictions, which was closed. The owner of this shop and his wife are extremely nice and are very helpful, and I really wish I would have waited until Tuesday to go to them.

Instead, I moved on to my next choice, which was a place called First Impressions. It was run by a nurse, who apparently shouldn't be allowed to have that title. I had several people dissuade me from keeping up my appointment with her because she's unsanitary and reuses her ink and needles.

After that, I called Skunk Tattooing. The guy there was willing to fit me in, and seemed nice enough over the phone. I drove to the shop with my sisters and my friend, and upon entering, I immediately cringed. He looked, talked, and acted like this creepy kid from my past. He also didn't look very clean.

I kept telling myself that it would be okay and that I couldn't chicken out now because everyone that was with me would claim that I was just too afraid of the pain. He prepared for the piercing, and one thing that he did still haunts me to this day. Instead of getting a sterile ring from a package, he took it directly out of the display case. My friend grabbed me by the arm and told me that at Ritual Addictions, they took it out of a sterile package and that I shouldn't go through with this.

Due to the fact that I was stubborn, I refused to turn away. I sat down in the chair and he put a dot on my lip where he thought it should be. I told him I wanted it a tad bit closer to the corner of my mouth and he moved the dot over. He also told me, oddly enough, that I had a perfectly symmetrical mouth. Anyways, he put my lip in the clamp and shoved the needle through my lip.

It was the strangest feeling I've ever felt in my entire life. My body lurched forward involuntary, and but the pain was momentary. It went away as soon as it came. He shoved the 14-gauge ring through my lip and popped the ball in. I was set to go.

Another thing against Skunk Tattooing, he never went through cleaning instructions with me. If it wasn't for my friend, I would have been completely in the dark as to how to clean it. He just pushed a piece of paper towards me and dismissed me. This piece of paper was not descript as to how to clean it, and just listed some products that I could use.

Luckily, I took care of my piercing well and I still have it today. Six months later and I still love it as much as I did the first day I got it. I chew on it when I get nervous, or when I'm bored. I'm very, very lucky that it didn't get infected or I didn't get any disease from him using a ring straight from the display case.

It's already been decided that when I'm finally able to afford the second half of my snake bite, that I will go to Ritual Addictions in Watertown. I would recommend the same thing to anyone in the Watertown area who wants a tattoo or piercing done. I've seen these people work, and they are extremely professional and sanitary. They are also willing to answer any questions about piercings, tattoos, or anything else, even if they were not the ones to do it.

I would also like to take the time to discourage anyone from EVER going to Skunk Tattooing. I don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Skunk
Studio: Skunk+Tattooing
Location: Watertown%2C+SD

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