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"If I get the piercing, I'll get A's"

I recall my first serious piercing being my cartilage at twelve, and then my nose, then my second hole, and now my lip. I would say the latter of the bunch was the most exciting.

Oh, GOD! You don't even realize how long I begged. I think I asked at around ten years of age, and, of course, was denied. I didn't mind, I was just kinda curious. So I began asking at twelve. Nope, sorry, only your ears. Asked at thirteen. No, you just got your nose pierced, wait a while, I'll think. And so, at fourteen, I begged for... Six weeks for it, and, just yesterday morning, she gave in. I was whistling and grinning on the way to the school bus.

So when I got home, I was told that my mom had to do some errands. Drop my dad off at the doctors so he could get his script for Happy Pills, stuff like that, exchange her father's car for hers up in Portland. So I was like, "whatever". My mom was determined to let my dad know, but I was iffy... He's got some serious bull-shit anger problems. Anyways, we my mom, dad and I chatted happily throughout the entire car ride. When we got to the doctors, we sat in the waiting room patiently. My mom nudged me and told me out loud how I should tell my dad our "little secret". I didn't budge. After a moment or two, he whispered (cause there were other people around), "It's a new fuckin' piercing?" and we both grinned and started laughing like, 'How did he know?!'. He got pissy and huffy, but after I told him how I was paying for it, he got a tad more interested and less angry. Asked how I got the money calmly, and then let us go so he could be at the doctors alone and we could go get
it done.

When we went up to see Kat (who pierced my nose-- AMAZINGLY! mind you!), we were shocked to see how the tattoo center opened up. We hadn't been there for about five months, possibly more. So we chatted with the dude. He said he was from Miami Ink, stayed with 'em for two years. Kicked out 'cause he beat the shit out of some dude, who got wicked high right before he tattooed his best friend. Said how a lot of the people on there were junkies. He had that guy's voice, from Crazy Town-- Remember him? Yeah, he was on coke.

He showed us his portfolio. Man he was so cool. He had everything. Worked in 360 piercing places/tattoo places, all of the states, nine countries! My mom and I were like, 'you should do our first tattoos'. he was digging all the attention. We chatted for about twenty minutes, before the piercer was ready. Her name was Erica. We were pretty stunned that it wasn't good old Kat, but the tattoo guy (whose name began with a 'd' and I do believe had a 'q' somewhere in it) reassured us that she was skilled and just as good as Kat. After she gave a guy new gauge jewelry, she gave us the standard paper work. Having had my nose pierced already, my mom and I glided through it without much problem.

She took us in the back and-- OMG A NEW PIERCING CHAIR! I was all happy. The last one was just a cheapo metal one. So I sat down and chatted. She took everything out. I was creeped out that this required a plier, but I did not question her as she was the piercer and I was just the one gettin' the piercing! I relaxed, knowing that it would slightly hurt but, never could compare to me getting my nose ring put back in. -shudders-

So she drew the little dot after putting on gloves and putting that alcohol stuff on the spot. I liked the placement right away, so I nodded. Grabbing the clamp, she held my lip out and held it tightly. Didn't hurt. I closed my eyes, just to relax. She asked, "You ready?" and I smiled weakly and nodded. I opened my eyes just in time to see and feel the needle going through my lip. Honestly, it didn't hurt in the very slightest!! I sat there grinning with this 16 gauge needle hanging out of my lip. Like my nose, she put the jewelry in with the needle still in there, and I still didn't feel anything. No, it wasn't frozen, and no, I didn't have pain killers. It was good ol' natural piercing. I looked at it in the mirror. It was fuckin' HUGE but I didn't mind. I liked it.

The only thing that hurts is how sore it gets after an hour or two. I sleep peacefully though :)

I would recommend Ron's Piercing Experience anyday <3 Erica did an AMAZING job, got it right on the dot, too!! Kudos to you~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Erica
Studio: Ron%27s+Piercing+Experience
Location: Brunswick%2C+ME

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