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Dainty Lip Piercing

One day, about two months ago, I was walking from my house to downtown and I saw the exact piercing I wanted on a stranger I passed by. She had a teensy clear gemstone on one side of her bottom lip. This sighting encouraged me to actually go get the piercing i had been wanting for months done. That evening I was hanging out with my friend and I told her I wanted to go get pierced, being the grand supporter she is she was all about it. Off we went to Hooligan's for my new piercing.

Hooligan's was great. Usually I get sort of intimidated in piercing parlors (for some crazy reason that i can't explain), but everyone there was really nice and laid back. Hooligan's is also a tattoo and barber shop so there was lots of stuff going on.

The girl that did my piercing was really professional. The pain was virtually non existent, but i'm pretty good with pain. I've heard from other people that their lip was more painful than their nose, but I thought for sure that my nose was more painful than my lip. I guess everyone is different. I wish I had more to say about the actual experience but it went so smoothly that I barely remember what happened! One second my lip was piercing free, the next second I had a lovely gem.

After she was done and told me all the after care instructions, I paid for the piercing and was on my.

That first night I went out to eat and had a HORRIBLE time eating. It kept catching on my tooth so I had to eat really slowly and take really small bites so my mouth didn't open wide enough to cause my teeth to catch on the back of the bar. So that first night eating was awful, eating was actually pretty awful for the first couple weeks. It was bad enough that I didn't eat quite as much, which might have been better for the piercing anyway. But that's been the worst of it. There was a lot of goo and crustiness that happened too, but I expected that to happen.

One thing he piercer told me that I should have regarded more carefully is that the only sorts of alcohol I could drink were vodka and gin because they aren't made with certain types of barley (or something, i'm pretty clueless about the specifics). Being as totally unresponsible as I am I drank a margarita after a week... it made huge amounts of pussie stuff come out. GROSS. I should have listened to my piercer. It was okay though, I don't think it really hindered the healing of the piercing that much. It just made the piercing gross for a while. I also refrained from smoking during that time. I didn't eat yogurt. I tried to eat soft foods so I didn't have to chew a lot. I also didn't touch it at all. I think that's probably the most important part. It was also hard not to do any kissing, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do!

The healing part, other than watching what i put in my mouth, was pretty easy actually. I rinsed with biotene like a crazy person... like 8 times a day. I washed it twice a day with clear anti bacterial soap, which caused that part of my lip to get pretty dry - but it's fine now. I would say it's better to have dry skin and a clean piercing! After a couple weeks I went in and got a shorter bar so it wouldn't catch on my teeth anymore. Now the piercing is totally fine! It is just how I pictured it would be. It is completely healed, it doesn't hurt at all anymore even when getting bumped. I doesn't get in the way of kissing or eating or anything like that. As I feel healthy piercings tend to do it has become a part of me. haa! Sometimes I even forget it's there.

I absolutely love it.

I feel like the whole experience has made me a bit addicted to the idea of piercings. I went and got my nose pierced a week ago - and that peircing is diong totally fine. Though it hurt more than the lip piercing it is easier to take care of. I can go allll freaking day without touching my nose. It's only been a week and i'll already find myself forgetting it's there just because there's no pain whatsoever. It doesn't get in the way of eating...

OH. one thing though... the boogers up there are piling up. That's pretty uncomfortable i'd have to say. I can't wait for it to get healed so I can really clean my nose out without it hurting!

Now I'm looking into getting some microdermal anchors on my chest... Something sparkly to match my lip piercing. =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Hooligan%27s
Studio: Hooligan%27s
Location: Bellingham%2C+Washington%2C+United+States

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