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A Post Finals Madonna Piercing

    I had been thinking about getting a Madonna piercing for quite a while, but couldn't decide whether I wanted to wait until after removing my eyebrow piercing or whether I should just get it in addition. Eventually my decision was made for me as the stress from exams and work got to be too much and I decided to "just do it" in hopes of obtaining the relaxing effects that new piercings usually provide for me.  

My boyfriend and I went out to dinner (knowing that it would be a good idea to eat ahead of time) but unfortunately this took longer than expected, and we didn't get to Blue Lotus until about twenty minutes before close. Fortunately, the piercer, Myke, said that he would get me in after the piercing that he was about to do. The girl at the counter helped me with choosing jewelry and aftercare products. This was the part that I had been dreading. I love the look of small micro gem jewelry in Madonnas, but most of the time it seems that fresh piercings are done with larger ends. Following suit, she pointed me towards some jeweled stainless steel labret studs, I selected one with a CZ gem, and she took one out which was labeled 5/16". At this point, I became slightly nervous because while doing research, I had read that 5/16 was too short to compensate for swelling.  

Luckily, Myke came back into the lobby after having finished his last piercing and caught the mistake. He also showed me the neometal threadless jewelry and said that he could pierce me with that if I wanted. It is titanium, so slightly more expensive, but smaller, more attractive, and worth it in my opinion. 

Myke then took my boyfriend and me into the private room that they use for piercings, where I picked out jewelry with an aquamarine gemstone. He was very friendly and personable the entire time, not only to me, but also to my boyfriend. He asked me to sit on one of those bed like things that they have in doctor's offices, and used some white liquid to mark on my face where the piercing would go. I looked in the mirror and asked him if he could move it slightly, to which he replied that moving it would most likely cause problems with my gums, so he would not. That seemed extremely reasonable so I agreed with the placement and he gave me a cup with mouthwash which I was supposed to rinse with for a minute. He must have been able to tell by the expression on my face that I thought this was crazy, because he then continued with "it's non-alcoholic." Assured of the lack of burning, I proceeded to do so while Myke chatted with my boyfriend and got the equipment ready that would be

needed for my piercing. By this point, it was after the store technically closed, so after spitting out the mouthwash, I thanked him for staying late. He seemed surprised that I would do this, but I thought that it was very professional that he was staying and taking the time to do everything properly, rather than hurrying to get out.

Everything that would be needed was now assembled next to me, Myke showed me how the threadless jewelry works, he had gloves on, and it smelled like a doctor's office. They are extremely sanitary over there. He asked me to lie down, cleaned the skin around the piercing, and told me to take a couple of breaths. I held onto my boyfriends hand and looked at the funny pictures that they have on the ceiling. The piercing was done very quickly, and Myke talked me through the whole thing, telling me what he was doing and that I was doing great, and was in general very soothing. Putting the jewelry in took about thirty seconds because he said that he was being very careful so as not to cause more trauma by snapping the jewelry shut than by the actual piercing.  

After the piercing was done, I sat back up and he had me look in a mirror. It looked great! He was absolutely right about the placement of the piercing, and I was so happy with the choice of jewelry. Myke then went over the aftercare with me; I had also received a sheet about aftercare from the receptionist, which was really helpful because it's really hard to pay proper attention immediately after being pierced.  

The piercing was slightly sore the next day, and swollen, although I didn't realize until a week or so later after the swelling had stopped completely. The only problem that I really experienced with recovery was the third, fourth, and fifth night after getting pierced, I woke up with the jewelry practically embedded in my skin. I was out of town with my family and so couldn't go ask about it. Luckily, after sea salt soaking it each morning it went back to normal, and after those three days the healing process has been completely smooth sailing. I need to go back in a few weeks (six weeks after the date of the piercing) to have the jewelry changed to a shorter length to avoid gum recession.  

Overall, I had a positive experience with this piercing. Although the fact that I was originally given jewelry that would have led to problems made me nervous, I have complete confidence that Myke, or any piercer at Blue Lotus, is exceptional at what they do. I would definitely recommend going there to anyone who is interested in being pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myke
Studio: Blue+Lotus
Location: Madison%2C+Wi

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