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A Different Piercer this Time.

Personally, when I crave a piercing, I usually get it either on the same day or whenever time opens up for me. Usually that means when I'm not working haha. I've been craving a new piercing for awhile and before this session I had 8 piercings. I've had many ideas of where I would like it to be, but my final decision was made last week, while resting on my bed. I took out my septum retainer and placed it on my lip, right in the middle. Not only did it feel good, but I got up and looked in the mirror and thought it looked really nice. I personally think I have nice lips and even my mother, who used to be to close minded about body modification (not anymore though) has told me that she thinks my current lip piercing (on the side) looks really nice on me. She even used the word....sexy! :O haha. So the labret was my final choice.

Today (sunday) was my first day off in about a week and a half, my friend/roommate and I walked around Toronto, figuring out where I should get pierced. My regular piercer, the lovely Blair only works at the studio on Fridays and Saturdays, and I was working long hours on both those days and couldn't go. I know whoever is reading this (probably 0) are thinking "well why didn't I wait for someone I usually go to and trust?" Well. I don't know, usually when I have a gut feeling to do something, I rarely regret it and it feels right. We first tried New Tribe, but the piercer was all booked for the rest of the hour. We then tried the new shop/clothing studio called Adrenaline Tattoos, I've been in there before and liked some of the jewelery they sell. But walking in the store, I didn't feel a good vibe. Which in my personal opinion is a sign you shouldn't get pierced there. But I digress, I just feel its too pretentious in there/ filled with those hipster/scene kids I see around the city these days that think they're better then everyone else. I could feel the pretentiousness in the air, plus in their scarves and hair! ha :X. Plus I find that they are WAY overpriced, in terms of their procedures and don't give me that whole "good quality = expensive" theory that doesn't always apply in certain things. I don't believe it's always the case. I think from the piercings I've had and the experiences of what a good piercing/tattoo studio is all about, it's not always about the price. Also, I think theres a line you cross when you DO overprice you're items. So out we walked. Another thing I noticed when I was in there was that they were really unhelpful and seemed to get annoyed with questions about how the shop works. Which is another sign you should get the hell out of there. Professional shops are usually very helpful and at LEAST take the time to answer you're questions about hygiene and such when you are curious and want to be sure.

We then decided to head to Yonge St Tattoos, which I've heard good things about. It took me awhile to decide exactly what kind of jewelery I wanted to use and whether or not I wanted a ring or stud. I decided to go with a stud even though I prefer the look and feel of rings. But I want it to heal easier (which is a known fact if you know the basic knowledge on certain piercings) Studs are usually the best to pierce with. It was the first time I changed my piercer, and I don't regret it. As soon as I met Robin, I felt a good vibe. I was proven right due to her being so nice, down to earth and helpful, since I was being indecisive about things. When I finally decided, she took me upstairs and went through the steps about what she was going to do (another important thing you should make sure a professional piercer should do before starting). She had me lie down, which I believe is what makes the quick procedure less painful. As always she had me take a deep breath and I have to
say, this was the LEAST painful piercing I've had...and I've had many areas pierced in the past that are considered somewhat more painful then other areas. I literally felt NOTHING. I was very satisfied and plan on going back to her again if I can't see Blair. After I was finished, my friend was contemplating a piercing, and has been wanting a surface piercing above the chest, which I really think is a nice place to get pierced. But funds were the factor in her not getting it this time. To conclude this experience, I highly recommend Robin and I'm very happy :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Robin
Studio: Yonge+St.+Tattoos
Location: 602+Yonge+Street

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