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Vertical Labret Issues

So for as long as I have remembered I've always been attracted to surface piercings. My first initial goal was to get my eyebrow pierced, which I did, at the age of 16. Eyebrow piercings are one of the highest rejecting facial piercings and that is exactly what happened with mine.

After trying to pierce it again at the age of 17 and it still rejecting I decided to move on with a different body mod. After turning 18 this past March I was hell bent on getting my vertical labret done. A vertical labret is a piercing that is pierced through the top of the lower lip rather than in front of the lip tissue. One of my ex boyfriends knew a piercer named Tony who did his tongue. I took a look at it and it was done very well and he only charged 25 dollars. He had a license and 4 years of experience piercing and did it at a studio in his house.

I came there 3 days after my birthday and asked him if he could do it for me. He had done vertical labret snakebites before but that was his only experience so he really didn't have a good idea of how to draw on the entrance and exit. He put the two dots on and asked me to check it out and he literally drew it almost piercing the lower middle of my lower lip. I drew them on myself. I had looked at many pictures and the structure of my lip so I knew where I wanted it. I lined it up perfectly but when it came time to piercing it it came out slightly crooked to the left, too low on my lip, and not a deep enough exit entrance.

I didn't notice this all, however, until a few weeks after it started to heal because of the swelling and movement while healing. I was quite paranoid that it would reject because of my experience with surface piercings but because your lip is made up of tissue similar to muscle tissue, it is not the same as any other facial piercings.

After a while the bottom started becoming very swollen and irritated, eventually forming a puss pocket and a small pocket of blood I thought was forming into a keloid. [which is an overgrowth formation of scar tissue] I went into the local piercer at the tattoo shop and he said that my barbel was too long and I needed to a tighter fitting piece of jewelry. It looked great when i changed out the barbel to a shorter one but I still wasn't content with how it looked. It was very short and gripped just the tip of my lip. Essentially it looked slightly ridiculous to me although most people didn't see a difference.

I ended up talking with the local piercer again. He suggested to come back in a month after taking it out and he could re-do it for me. I took my piercing out last night and within 20 minutes it already closed up. I was very surprised. I can feel the hardened scar tissue within my lip but you can hardly tell anything was there except for my exit hole. There is a small white dot with a redish skin coloration around it.

For now I'm going to take advantage of the time I have without a facial piercing to hopefully land a job since most places do not condone nor encourage any of that, and wait out about a month before I re-do my piercing again. That way the scar tissue will also have a chance to dis-inflame and not be as tough.

For getting rid of keloids or lessening scar tissue use cocoa butter, rose kip seed oil, or some crushed up aspirin pills mixed in with water to make a paste. The results from these remedies are not an overnight thing and may even take a few weeks, or months depending on the severity of the wound/hole but it is worth it.

My suggestions to you guys are pretty essential and basic. Make sure your piercer draws on your vertical labret entrance and exit as straight as possible and to a point you are able to say your P's and F's without hitting the top ball. It gets irritating in my opinion. Also, study your lip structure and how you want it to rest on your lip when you open and close your mouth. Saving pictures and bringing them in is a good thing to do to get it right. And finally don't be afraid to change how your exits and entrances look. It is your body modification and if it IS a little different than the next persons more power to you. Make sure YOU genuinely like it. Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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