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The Amazingly Easy Scrumper Self-Piercing

 So not too long ago, maybe almost a month, I was sitting in my basement with my boyfriend and thought "Hey! I need another piercing!" I had problems thinking of what I should do, because I already have Angel Bites, Snake Bites, Horizontal Eyebrow, Bellybutton, Tongue, and many in my ears. After I thought for awhile, I figured I would pierce my Scrumper. I initially wanted to do my tongue webbing, but the angle my tongue is pierced, I couldn't. And then, I figured I would do my dimples, but I didn't have the right jewellery, and I didn't want face overkill. Scrumper would be the perfect thing to do, since my mom said I couldn't get anymore, and she wouldn't see it.

I grabbed a new package of 14g needles, and sterilized them, and then cleaned them very good with Bactine and placed them on some Kleenex. They were sewing needles, but they work very well. I sat on the bed and held a mirror with my knees and checked out the area. Once I did that, I cleaned it with some Bactine with a Q-tip. I threw that away, and checked out the area again. I pulled out a horseshoe ring and cleaned that with Bactine as well. I was starting to have tiny doubts about it, but I knew I would go through with it. I looked at my boyfriend and said "Okay, it's time to do this".

My boyfriend tried to help by lifting my lip up, but he was just in the way. But I did appreciate it. I cleaned the area again, and the needle again. I lifted my lip up, and placed the needle to my webbing. I touched it to the webbing a few times, testing the feeling, and checking if the placement would be about right. Finally I decided to just do it. I breathed in through my nose, and shoved the needle through. Success! It went through. I left it for a second, and slowly pulled it out and had the ring ready. But, from my saliva that has formed, the needle slipped out. Panicking for a second, I quickly tried to put the ring through, because if it closed up as fast as lips do, oh boy, that's not good. And, as I suspected, the ring wouldn't go through. But, I didn't care much now; I knew it wouldn't have gone through. Time to do it again. It didn't hurt at all the first time. I cleaned the needle and the ring again, and I took another breath through my nose, and shoved the needle in again. Just like what happened last time, the needle fell out, so I put the ring in as fast as I could. It went through so easily, I actually thought I dropped it. I let go of it to pick it up, and to my amazement, it stayed! I cleaned it a bit more with Bactine. I loved it right away, but I had a tiny little lisp. The only thing was that it was a little bit big because it was a lip ring horseshoe.

The next day my mom didn't notice it until I forgot about it, and laughed real big in front of her. She was really pissed off, and told me to take it out. I told her no, and she could deal with it. After 2 hours of arguing, she told me to take it out for Graduation pictures. I agreed to that, because I know she won't care by then. The lip ring being in there was bothering me though. 3 days later I got Ali Peters at Spin Drift Studios to change it for me. It feels a lot better now.

Its still doing really well. All healed up and everything. It was probably the least painful one I've done, and the easiest. I've done most of my own piercings, and over 20 on other people, just eyebrows and lips on others though. None of them have ever gotten infected, or had any problems either. The ones I didn't do on myself were my tongue, because it's dangerous, and my angel bites, because I knew I couldn't get them done. They were done by Ali Peters at Spin Drift Studios in Canmore, Alberta. She's a pretty amazing piercer. If you're ever out this way, I'd suggest it. I also didn't do my own bellybutton, because I was like 10 when I got that. So, if you want a piercing that you can hide, that is painless, and is easy, get a scrumper. I don't suggest doing it if you know nothing about piercing though, as anyone would say.

Good luck with your piercings everyone. If you do this, I hope it goes as well as mine did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+Basement
Location: Canada

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