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Snakebite piercing.

Early Tuesday morning around 3am, I was talking to my friend, and I decided to go get my snakebites done in the morning, I had wanted them done for ages, but just never did, so I thought, I might as well go have them over with. So I waited up and didn't bother to go to sleep. I started to get nervous already, even though I had my labret pierced already which I did myself, which didn't hurt at all, it didn't even swell up which I was surprised about, but went against doing it myself again, as I bled a lot when I did it myself. So it got to 9am and my friend arrived so we set off. The walk there I was shaking, and the weather was really bad that day. My friend was going "oh its going to hurt, its going to be so painful!", joking around, and I was like "Thanks! way to make me feel better".

As I got nearer, I started to get more and more nervous, and I said I don't think I want to go through with it, so my mate was like, you have to! you can't go back now, so with him telling me he wouldn't go back until I have had it done, I decided to go in. I went in and we had to wait a while, then the guy came over and asked what I wanted, so I told him and he gave me the form to fill out, at this point I was saying to myself, I can't go back now, and it would be over and done with in a few minutes, so I had to tell myself to stop being silly and just go through with it. My hand was shaking which was funny trying to write the form out with my hand shaking, and I always feel sick when I am nervous, so I felt really sick at this time.

So I filled it out and handed it back, and he told me to wait. Then my piercer came out and said to follow him into the room while my friend waited outside. So I sat down and he asked me what I wanted, then he got his tools out, and marked my lip. He then got the clamp and needle and asked if I was nervous and I was like "yeah very", so he laughed and told me to shut my eyes, then the first one went in, and I didn't really know what I was expecting, as I had it done before and there was hardly any pain, so I really don't know why I was so nervous, and when it when through I remember going "oh that wasn't to bad", so then he moved onto the second one, which I felt a bit more, I can't really describe what it feels like, its more like a pinch, and it felt a bit like a burning sensation, he asked if I wanted to see myself with the second needle through my lip, but i was like "No I don't think I want to, thanks" and laughed, well laughed as much as I could, as its hard to laugh with a needle in my lip, so he gave me the mirror after it was done and I took a look and I was really happy with where they were placed. He also told me before I had the snakebites done that the middle one was really out of place, so he said he would redo it, if I wanted it done, but I decided against it and keep the one in I already had, as when they were all in, I think it looked fine!. So I gave him £50, and then went back, in lovely British weather, lots of rain!.

The healing was the most annoying I found, my lips were sore and swollen for 2 days, I found I could still eat some stuff, but only things like mash potato and ice cream. I put ice on it, to help with the swelling, which helped a great deal, I also slept with my head up, as it is meant to help with swelling. it started to go down, I had a bit of discomfort for a month or two, and they were sore and I couldn't change them, as when I did they started to bleed, so I left it 3 months before changing the jewellery in them, but now they are fine and I love them!! and I would do it all over again to get them, at the moment I have two black studs in. Since I have taken out the middle labret and now just have my snakebites, I am hoping to go back soon and have my eyebrow pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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