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My first non-ear piercing!

 I have always been fascinated with the body modification culture ever since I can remember, particularily piercings. I had admired those covered in their own personal expression for years. Always wishing that someday I would adorn such modifications myself. As I grew older my love for body modification grew, and before I knew it, I had devoted all my free time and effort into informing myself of various different modifications. I think it's safe to say that I LIVE for this.

By the age of 10, I had already gotten many ear piercings, but due to strict religious parents, no non-ear piercings yet. By the time I was twelve, I was dead set on starting my body modification process. I wanted to start off relatively small and ease into it, just so I can get my parents used to it so to say, and it's not an overall refusal on my parents part. The only real obstacle I had to over come was my parents. I decided to sit down with my parents and explain to them my views, and what I wanted for my first non-ear piercing. They allowed me to have one central lip piercing. I was SO excited by this!

A week had passed, and in that time I studied all the risks involved with this piercing. I researched proper cleaning methods and I would later discuss them with my piercer to be sure I would be doing everything right to ensure the best possible healing and care of my piercing in the long term. After I made sure of all the risks involved and how to lessen these risks, my parents and I picked a date to go and have me pierced. I decided I wanted to bring a friend of mine along for the occassion. She too had taken a slight interest in body modification as well at the time.

It was a Saturday and I was really excited to go out and get my new piercing. It was an exceptionally beautiful day as well. I got up and got ready as usual, and we all got into the van to pick up my friend first. We arrived at her house and she got into the van, also very excited. Now we were all set and on our way! We drove down to one of the few reputable shops in our neck of the woods and to our surprise it was CLOSED! Slightly discouraged, but very determined we drove to yet another reputable shop not far from the first one we went to. Luckily this one was open! Also, their prices were significantly cheaper than the original location we had decided to go to.

We go inside and filled out and signed some consent forms, as well as pay for the work getting done. The man doing my piercing, Jon, was extremely friendly and very professional. I sat down in the chair that he instructed me to sit in and he got all of his equipment ready. He marked me up asking me to take a look in the mirror to ensure I was happy with the placement. I was, so I sat back down, and he prepped my lip to be pierced. The clamp was a bit uncomfortable as the weight of it pulled my lip down completely. Finally came time for him to actually pierce me. He counted down from three and at one shoved the needle threw. I know everyone always asks about the pain involved but of course pain is relative for everyone, so I can't tell you how something is going to feel for YOU. For me, there was no 'pain' involved in the piercing. He got the needle through and then followed with the captive bead ring quickly. From piercing to having the jewelry in couldn't take more than 30 seconds. He had a bit of a hard time getting the ball on because of the latex gloves he was wearing. They were a bit big on him so the extra latex got in the way every time he attempted to put the ball on. I was really satisfied with the results. I thanked him, and left. My parents can't look at my face straight anymore..they always have this look of discomfort every time they see my now MANY piercings. My lip healed perfectly fine and without any problems. Within the first week it felt completely healed. The swelling my lip had was very minimal, it wasn't even noticeable. Caring for it was quite simple as well, and it isn't a really high maintenance piercing. I cleaned my lip with a sea salt solution after every meal and in the mornings and at night usually after supper. Non-alcoholic mouthwash is also good for keeping the inside area clean. Not to mention it's good for your over all oral health, and it kills bacteria potentially harmful to your new piercing. I was so glad with my piercer I went back to him multiple times adding to the metal on my face. Unfortunately though, he stopped piercing at the location where I went to, and their new piercer just doesn't do as good of a job as he did. Shortly after he left, and the new piercer took over for him, the shop closed down as well. I now go else where for my piercings.

It has now been at least four years later and I still have that same piercing. It has never given me any trouble what so ever. I am still as happy with it as I was the first day I got it. I don't plan on removing any of my piercings any time soon and I will keep them for as long as nature will let me. The only advice I can give you is to inform yourself of the risks involved with the specific mod you want and the advantages must over weigh the risks for you. Make informed decisions and always do it in the safest possible way. Go to a professional and get it done right! Thanks for reading! Safe and happy piercing everyone!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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