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I had to put metal in my face before I liked it

I spent a very long time hating the way that I looked. I was your typical teen girl with ridiculously low self esteem. I led a very self destructive lifestyle and treated my body like a peace of trash. That all changed with my first piercing.  

I moved out of my parents home when I was 18 with my boyfriend, Tim, now my husband. I had always wanted my lip pierced and mentioned it Tim to see what he thought. "I want you to do whatever makes you happy, " was the response I got. I played around with the idea for a few more weeks. I had to consider how this would affect my job.   

Eventually one day, while at I work I called my best friend to see if he would take me to the piercing studio when I got off. He said that he would come get me in a few hours. I called the piercer that ask him if he could stay for about 30 minutes after he closed because I got off of work at 4 and he closed at 4. He had no problem with that. So 4 o'clock rolls around and my friend comes to get me. We had to run by my house for me to get an ID. I didn't drive so I had to use my birth certificate and my school ID.  I was worried that my form of ID wouldn't work. My birth certificate had my name and birthday on it and my school ID had my name and picture. So everything worked out.  

We get everything together and drive out to the studio. I was so excited! We get there and I fill out my paper work and I started asking a bunch of really dumb questions:

"Is it going to bleed a lot?"

"Will liquids come out through the hole when I drink?"

"Is this going to hurt?"

I was getting nervous and beginning to ramble. I washed my mouth out with Listerine and sat down on the table. I watched as he began to set everything up. He pulled out the clamps and then a sterile needle. I just kept telling myself to take deep breaths. He asked me stand up and look straight ahead and to try and hold my mouth and face completely still. He takes a pen and marks the spot on my lip where he is going to pierce. He hands me a mirror and asked if I think that looks alright.  I check out the spot of my future lip ring and decide that the placement is just fine. He asked me to sit back down and continue to breath deeply.  

He walks over to me and clamps down on my lip. As he brought the needle up to my face I remember thinking, "This is it. No turning back now." I kept breathing and prepared for the needle to go through my lip. 

"On the count of three I am going to pierce. Just take deep breathes and exhale when I say three."  

I was getting so nervous. I was ready for him to just do it! When he said three I exhaled strongly as he pushed the needle through my lip. After the initial shock of what just happened I realized something: That wasn't that bad. 

He put in the ring and explained the after care process. I warned him that I think this might be the start of an addiction. I actually liked the way it felt!  I went home to meet Tim and to show him my new piercing. He was slightly upset that I didn't wait for him to get home from work before I went, but was happy that I had gotten it done. I stayed out of work for about 2 weeks before going back while wearing a retainer. I cleaned it about 3 times a day by rinsing my mouth our with a sea salt solution. 

It amazes me that something as small as a little ring in my lip could open my eyes as wide as it did. I seem myself as a totally different person now. I have since gotten an additional lip piercing, my nose pierced, and 2 anti brows, along with a few other body modifications and love them all! These are the things that make me feel extremely attractive. I would have never thought that by simply altering my body that it would finally become my own and not a thing that I loathe. This is my definition of beauty and way to inner peace. I wasted so much of my life hating the way I looked and now I treat my body like the amazing work of art that it is. 

I really hope that at least one person will read this and realize that you are the one that has to decide how you are going to feel in life and do the necessary things to make yourself happy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: The+Hole+Punch
Location: Lancaster%2C+SC

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