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Botched Vertical-Labret Repierce

When I was 16 I decided to get my vertical labret pierced after much research on BME. The piercer who did it also previously pierced my: septum, monroe, and lip, as well as my boyfriend's: center lip, snakebites, and septum. He used (special-order) internally threaded jewelery and made me feel at ease especially as he explained EVERYTHING step-by-step. The piercing wasn't too bad, he pierced slowly with a 16-gauge needle (as he guided the needle) from bottom to top and there was a slight burn as the needle exited through my lip. The jewelery transfer was easy and I was done in no time. The healing was fast and the swelling not too rough, even though the top ball did sink into my lip the first couple of days. A few months later we moved to Las Vegas and after getting suspended for breaking dress code with my piercings, decided it would be best to take it out.

So fast-forward 3 years and my (still) boyfriend Chris [iam:zombie1983] is now a piercing apprentice. His mentor Joe has been piercing for 10 years and has even pierced me a couple of times, so I thought it would be no problem to let him do the piercing and have Chris watch since it's been 3 years since he's seen the procedure. Chris sets the whole piercing up; mouthwash, betadine, gentian violet, toothpick, alcohol pads, q-tips, 16-gauge needle, KY jelly, some paper towels, and my autoclaved internally threaded 16-gauge curved barbell from my first vertical labret. I use the mouthwash, he cleans my lip off with a betadine-dipped q-tip, alcohol pad comes next, then the marking. Joe comes over to mark it, tells me to stand up straight, then proceeds to talk shit about the previous placement (the scar is obvious, & pretty straight actually). He just decides to mark it in about the same place and I go over to the chair to sit.

Joe grabs the needle and starts coming at my lip freehand, sort of explaining to Chris along to the way, but never checking with me. He puts the needle to the top of my lip and starts pushing, THEN tells me to take a deep breath through my nose and out through my mouth. I can't do that exactly because he is pinching my lips together like a fish and I can't get my mouth open. The needle feels like it is pushing through my lip forever, like he is backing it up and fixing the angle over and over again. My whole body is pulling away from him, like I am trying to physically get away and Chris can tell. Finally, a sharp burn as the needle exited WAY LOWER than my previous scar. I am almost crying because it seriously hurt, but then there's the jewelery transfer.

He tries pushing the barbell in through the top then I hear, "Why is she dripping?" and I feel a warm gush of something all over my chin. I open my eyes and Chris is standing close next to me with his hands cupped underneath my chin, trying to catch the blood that is actually flowing through the hollow needle still in my lip. Joe then tells Chris to get the taper, and I mumble, "No, no. Not worth it." I do not feel like getting man-handled at this point, I was bawling. He pulls the needle out and hands me some paper-towels. Blood is pouring through my fingers for a second until the bottom hole started to close. Traumatic.

Joe then explained that the jewelery was a tad bigger than the needle (since it was internally threaded) and wouldn't fit, so he should have pierced me with a 15-gauge needle. Honestly, I believe the whole piercing started out wrong, since he started piercing through the top. It was way too deep and the needle felt too tight in my lip, nothing like the first one. He really didn't tell me when he was going to pierce me, so it was very unexpected and much worse than it should have been.

Another funny part is everyone was talking about how the brand of needles at the shop are known for being dull, and I decided to get a piercing right after that conversation. Hopefully the owner with get some nice, sharp IS needles now.

Since this just happened the other night (5/10/08) my lip is a little swollen, the puncture marks are still visible, and there is a gnarly bruise underneath my lip (he really had to have gotten a blood vessel). The worst part though is I notice that the piercing is a whole needle deeper and to the left than my first one. Completely off the marks, so I'm glad that I don't have to heal a shitty piercing, especially since it was such a traumatic, ridiculous experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Joe
Studio: Second+Skin
Location: Ridgecrest%2C+California

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