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Vertical Labret

I had been contemplating getting a piercing for a few months before I decided on my vertical labret. I still remember the first time I saw the piercing, I thought it was unbelievably cool, and I knew that I wanted to have it! I had heard in several forums that it was a very painful piercing (though, I do sort of like pain, so I wasn't TOO worried). One of my friend's knew someone at Sinister and had arranged for me to get it pierced there. The night of the piercing, literally 30 minutes before my appointment, I got a phone call from my friend. My piercer was mourning for a lost friend of his, and was unable to pierce me. I counted that as an omen, and decided not to get my vertical labret.

A few days passed, and I couldn't stop thinking about the piercing! Finally, after my last class of the day on, I believe it was a Tuesday, I hopped on the sky train and went downtown. I knew quite a few people who had their piercings/tattoos done at Adrenaline, which is situated right on Granville street in downtown Vancouver. I walked into the shop, a bit nervous, and proclaimed my chosen piercing. The staff was extremely friendly, and they had me fill out a form. I thoroughly read the form (I've never understood why people skip through that!) and after confirming that I wasn't selling my soul, I signed it. There was a brief 5 minute wait until my name was called. At this point, I was far more nervous that I had been a few minutes ago...this was it! I was going to have a needle shoved through my lower lip...VERTICALLY! I remained calm, but I was fairly skeptical about my prior decision that seemed so incredibly intelligent! My piercer introduced himself as "Mike," and sat me down. I promised myself I wouldn't ask the piercer if it was painful, but alas, the nerves got to me, and I nervously blurted out "DOES IT HURT?!?!" Expecting a white lie along the lines of "No, no no not at all!," I was told "Oh yeah, like hell. But just for a minute." I wasn't sure if I should consider his honesty as refreshing, or a death wish. I decided on the former of the two, and went along with the piercing. He marked the placement of the piercing, and after receiving my approval, he began to steady the needle. Surprisingly, no clamp was used. He gently placed the needle on the bottom of my lower lip - where the pink hue of the lip and the flesh coloured area beneath the lip (I suppose the beginning of your chin?) meet. He asked me to breathe in, and on the exhale, he inserted the needle. I thought "Wow, this is it?!" That's when he asked me to take another breathe - turns out, the needle had yet to exit. I was expecting pain similar to the entrance. On the exhale, he pushed the needle through the fleshy top part of my lip. The pain I felt at this moment was nothing I had ever felt before. Since that area of the lip is extremely sensitive and fleshy, when the needle exited, it felt similar to the sensation of ripping skin - or at least what one would imagine having their skin ripped apart would feel like. My lips were slightly chapped and cracked, so they began to bleed a bit. After the bleeding subsided, I went to the mirror to check it out. Initially, I felt the piercing looked strange and awkward on my face. I grumpily staggered over to the cash register, where I ended up forking over $100! The piercing itself was $70, however, the cleaning solution was another $10, plus tax, PLUS the girl at the cash register (who, I've learned through getting more piercings, is NOT a very nice girl at all) added on a $10 tip. After paying, she exclaimed "Oh, I'm sorry! Did I add on a tip?" with a devilish smirk on her face. At this point I was feeling angry and disappointed. My lip began to swell, and as I was running to catch the sky train, I cau The healing process wasn't too difficult, though for the first few days I couldn't use spoons properly. I was cleaning the piercing 3 times a day, in the morning with the anti-microbial cleanser, mid-day with a salt soak, and before bed again with the microbial cleanser. After a week the swelling fully subsided, and all in all my piercing healed fairly quickly. I actually experienced little to no discharge, and it was never crusty or oozing any sort of substance. This was most likely due to a combination of my healthy diet (Vegan), religiously cleaning the piercing, and abstaining from any contact with the piercing (i.e. kissing).

I am now extremely happy with my vertical labret, and have received several complements on it :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Adrenaline
Location: Vancouver%2C+B.C.

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