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The happiest and friendliest piercer's in Chester!

So, basically I wanted to get another piercing as I wanted something more than my existing piercings of my ears and my vertical labret. As I loved my labret so much and got so many compliments off it I decided to get something else near my mouth pierced. As I moved to Chester less than a year ago I was unsure about where any piercers in Chester where. I knew of one near Tesco but that looked a bit amateur and dirty in my opinion. Then after speaking to a friend I learned of The Piercing Bodz who are located literally opposite my road. My mate told me that they were friendly and professional so I thought I'd research them further. I was surprised to find such a helpful and interesting site on the internet for such a small studio. But it showed me that they definitely knew their stuff and had decades of experience to prove they knew what they were doing when it actually came to putting theory into practice! So the next Tuesday I went to find them... When I arrived at the studio I was still unsure about what to get, I was torn between nostril, snake bites and medusa as I had looked on the list to see what was available. The woman at the front desk, named Shirley was so helpful and gave me some good suggestions about what to get done and told me truthfully how she thought things would look on me. The piercer, Carl was with another customer at the time but once he had finished, he and the guy who was getting pierced came out and told me there opinions and we all had a chat. Whilst Carl was piercing the other boy, Shirley talked me through the equipment they use in the studio and why they have decided on these specific tools. I was genuinely surprised and reassured by her depth of knowledge about jewellery and piercing tools.
When I had decided that I wanted to get a Medusa she gave me a sheet to fill in with my name address etc... and asked me to read through a guidance health and safety sheet before signing the confirmation for my piercing. Even the leaflet impressed me with its depth of knowledge about the law relating to piercings and the chemicals and materials this couple had chosen to use. Shirley then made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen during the piercing and ensured I was ok with it all. Then after much reassurance that the piercing would be a small pinch and would make my eyes water, but not much more than that, Carl and I went into the piercing room and he talked me through everything he was doing and why it was so important such as properly washing hands and using sterilised equipment. He also told me they wouldn't use anesthetic and the reasons as to why. Then he drew on where the piercing would be and let me confirm that is where I wanted it. He then used techniques such as asking me to wiggle my toes to take my mind off the actual needle going through(it works!). Then after no more pain than digging your nail into your hand for a second I had my piercing. Then the eye watering part of inserting the jewellery came along. Not one part of the actual piercing hurt, just stung momentarily when the needle was initially pushed through and throughout the whole procedure Carl was speaking to me and making jokes to make me feel at ease, which I was very grateful for. It swelled a bit at first but has since calmed down and I've had the bar trimmed so it sits perfectly alongside my vertical labret now and I couldn't be happier with the result! They didn't even mind me continually popping in to get reassurance that it was healing alright and there was no cause for concern.
If you live anywhere near Chester and are thinking of getting a piercing I would SERIOUSLY advise these guys, they are so professional yet friendly and genuine that you feel completely at ease and safe.
I had my labret done in Bradford and I can honestly say the piercer there was nothing in comparison to these two! Their prices are good when you take into account the expertise and welcome you receive when you go here. They even give you a sticker and lollipop! In addition you also get money off vouchers for your next visit, which in my case is not necessarily a good thing as it gives me reason to continue to add to my little family of diamonds! But I suppose you can't really ask for more than a brilliant piercing at a good price, with a lolly, sticker and money off! I'm going back in 2 weeks to get my Helix done and would not consider going to another piercer now I know this couple are so close and excellent!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Carl
Studio: The+Piercing+Bodz
Location: Chester

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