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Positive Labret Experience ♥

First the boring background. Ever since my obsession started with Disturbed I had wanted a labret, also my father has one. My mother has always been REALLY against piercings, but said I could get one on March Break of 2008 (turned 15 in December). The labret completes my appearance. It really adds to my personality, so I suggest going for it if it's one of the piercings you stare lovingly at, you will NOT regret it.


When March Break came my mother was driving me and my sister to Hardcore Piercings & Tattoos to get our birthday piercing done. I wasn't nervous until entering the store. There is rumor upon rumor of the place always having the piercing get infected. (I still don't trust it completely, and will go somewhere else for my next ones.) We paid, filled out the form (which was only saying our name, age and what piercing we were getting) I didn't do much research on the net for the labret piercing, but did ask my Dad some questions on it. He's had it for 5 years and was only told to use yellow Listerine after everything he ate. (I don't know why it had to be yellow...)

After waiting half an hour my sister got her monroe done and I was up next. The piercer was insanely attractive by the way. He cleaned up things, made me wash my mouth out with a mouthwash, went off for a few minutes getting supplies and came back. Coming back told me the breathing procedure. He got the clamp on, which I didn't even feel. I was told to breath in deeply, breath out then breath in when he said to (right before sliding in the needle). When the needle went in it only felt like a pinch. I gasped when it went in, there was no bleeding. It was quick and painless. I was given a long labret to be sure it's not tight on any swelling.


My piercer had told me to buy a product called "Bactine" which is easy-to-use spray on. (Only use on surface, ex. not in mouth) Every morning and night after I woke up and before I went to sleep I was to use half water, half cool Listerine. Wash my mouth for 30 seconds, then apply the Bactine on the labret. The major thing was for one week I could not eat anything with yeast, dairy, drink alcohol and another one I can't remember. Do not pick at the crust / skin that forms over the skin, eventually it will fall off itself. Do not play with the piercing, and if removing it or fixing it I was told to wash hands thoroughly before touching it. After one month when the swelling is over I was told then you are allowed to change the piercing.


Be sure you're comfortable and trust your piercer. Also be sure to ask questions if needed, and get tips on how to keep it clean and be sure the healing process is smooth. Making conversation and acting friendly to them will make things pass faster and nicer.

MY PIERCER. I feel I owe him credit, so a little about him. A very kind, happy person. Once had 12 piercings (which were only removed recently as one could tell). Removed them to work on his dream of becoming a high school teacher. He said he had to eat hot dogs for the week he couldn't eat the yeast, dairy, etc. A funny person, who made you feel very calm.

ASK YOUR PIERCER. Questions on it of course. What products you should use to prevent infections. I would say to ask them if they can do the labret on a bit of an angle, as it prevents hitting and irritating the gum.


I am VERY pleased with it. The only problem I found was a month after it began to feel sore. Plus for 3 days it caught onto the gum, which irritated it, but quickly healed up and not a problem since.

INFORMATION. - Using the "cool Listerine" has less alcohol, and mixing it with half water evens it out. This is a good combo despite what some say, and caused me no problems what so ever. - Trusting your piercer is pretty important. - Look into the piercing before getting it, and take in many opinions. - The more you feel a strong like for the piercing, the happier you will be with it. - Getting the piercing on a bit of an angle can prevent plenty of future problems, such as rubbing teeth, gums and all-in-all becoming an annoyance. - Remember peoples' pain tolerance is not the same for everyone, so getting as many stories on it as possible is a good idea.

I adore my piercing, and couldn't be more pleased with how it came out. I won't ever be taking my chances with piercing it myself, as getting it professionally done seems to prevent other problems.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Teacher+wanna-be
Studio: Hardcore+Piercings+%26+Tattoos
Location: London%2C+ON

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