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My first piercing

I don't have anything pierced, not even my ears. Ever since November of 2007, I've had his strange obbsession with snakebites. I was convinced that they'd look good on anyone. But my parents wern't.

I tried talking them into snakebites for the longest time, but they wern't giving in. I asked for them as a Christmas present. No luck.

It didn't take long for my obbsession to die down a bit, and, obviously, my parents were pretty happy about then. But then it started up again in January, and I wanted them again. And more than before.

This time I didn't ask for any. But I collected pictures of people with snakebites on the internet, just to show my parents that they /do/ look cool. Yes, I know it's a little creepy. lol. But they wern't giving in to it.

Finally, In March, I decided that maybe my parents would be okay with just /one/ labret, or hoop. They wern't, but I still bugged them.

I looked up everything, aftercare, types of metal, the procedure, just to show them that I knew what I'd have to go through.

Then, my mom said "maybe" near the end of March. I was extatic. I was telling all my friends. But then my mom told me to not get too excited - she still needed to talk to my dad.

I kept asking her if she had talked to dad, and she kept saying know. Then, after a while, I found out that she /had/ talked to dad, and was just keeping it from me to build up the anticipation. Mean, huh? lol.

But she did, and he was cool with it!

I went on May 1st to get it done.

The place seemed pretty cool. It wasn't all Doctor office-like like a lot of other places, but it seemed very clean. The piercer, Johnny, seemed like the sweetest guy ever.

My dad had told me to check out the tattoos, so I did. He always wanted a tattoo, but I knew he'd never get one.


I decided I wanted my bestfriend there with me, and backed out. That night, my bestfriend got grounded. so I went the next day right after school.

My mom needed to be there, because I'm only 14. We signed all the stuff and I was led into the cubical.

Johnny asked me about why I wanted it done, and I told him I just really liked the look of lip rings. I told him that I had been watching people getting their lips pierced on YouTube. He laughed.

My sister would be recording my piercing. I'll tell you more about that later.

Johnny marked my lip and I looked in the mirror. It looked perfect. The he took the clamp out. I've always heard that the clamp hurt more than the actually piercing. The clamp actually didn't hurt at all. When he pulled out the needle, a cringed and pulled away, so he had to re-clamp me. I apologized quickly and he told me it was okay. He told me to take a deep breath in, then out, then in again and he stuck it through.

There was no pain what-so-ever. Just a bit of pressure.

Johnny put a hoop in, and that hurt the most, then he gave me a page about the aftercare and that was it. He didn't tell me much.

After we paid, we left. I ran to the car and my mom told me it might be locked. She then told me that she was going to a drugstore that was nearby. I went to the car, and sure enough, it was locked. I went into the drugstore and got the keys, and went I got back to the car, the pain started to sit in.

My mom came back and we drove off.

I waited the whole weekend for monday. And when it came, everyone was freaking out and I even talked one of my friends into asking her parents for one. A lot of people joked at said "hey, Jen, you got a little something on your lip" and a lot of people didn't even notice. My gym teacher singled me out when everyone was quiet and was telling me how swollen it was and whatnot. It was really embarassing.

Now, about this video. My mom deleted it monday morning, accidentally. She wouldn't stop apologizing all day. I told her it was okay, but she was super upset. No one had seen it, not even me. Yeah, I was pretty upset that she deleted it, but I can totally forgive her... I think. lol. Just kidding.

So yes.

It was a very fun expieriance. And so far, no infections! : D I've been cleaning it regularly, but not /over/-cleaning it.

I do recomend this. It's an almost painless expieriance and if you don't like it, you could always take it out! lol.

Have fun piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Johnny
Studio: Living+ink
Location: Ontario%2C+Canada

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