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Didn't hurt a bit!

I've decided for the past while that I wanted my lip pierced. I work in a place that was really against it and told me it was not allowed. I looked through the employee manual and didn't see anything mentioned, plus coworkers had mods so I kept asking and tried to be patient until finally my lovely manager said yes. I kind of decided to do it on impulse. Don't get me wrong, I put thought into it but I decided to do it right before my shift was going to start.

Since it was a piercing I didn't have to make an appointment or anything, I was able to just walk in. I wasn't quite sure where this place was since I hadn't been there before so we drove around until we figured out that we had driven right past it. I got out and walked around and then finally found it at last. It was just a small place and actually pretty easy to overlook and completely pass. It hasn't been open that long so not many people know of it. It wasn't the first place I visited either. The original place I went to sent me over to the newer location where their piercers were at.

I went to a place a coworker had recommended, Sonic's, but their piercer was at Chronic's for the day. I trusted this place as well because my best friend had just gotten his ear pierced there and he had said good things about them and recommended them before. I didn't have much time to spare but I headed over there and talked with the piercer. I paid my $30 and bought mouthwash as well. I was lead to the back where I sat down and she prepared everything. She showed me the needle and asked if I would like a stud or a hoop. I've heard it heals better with a hoop so thats what I went with.

She told me that I had heard right, that yes it will heal faster with a hoop because with a stud it will continue to catch on my teeth. She put on gloves and showed me how everything was brand new, never been used before, showed me the jewelry and the needle and then she gave me a cup of yellow mouthwash and told me to swish with that for as long as I could stand it. I swished with it for a little while and then spit it back into the cup. I was instructed to throw it into the trash can but not to touch the garbage bin. After that I felt like my mouth was almost numbed.

She took out a marker and marked just below my lip and had me verify in the mirror that it was centered perfectly and that the placement was to my liking. She then took out the clamps and clamped my lower lip and asked me to open my mouth up wide. As I did she placed the tip of the needle to my lip and told me it was going to go through on my exhale. I exhaled hard and it just felt like a really hard pinch. I've had my navel done twice and my nose done and she informed me that nose was way worse. She also made sure to show me that she was properly disposing of everything.

I looked over at the mirror as I sat there with a needle hanging through my lower lip and I was stoked for her to put the jewelry in. A few seconds later she slid the hoop through and I was out the door with my aftercare sheet and mouthwash in hand totally happy with my new piercing. I don't really think work was thrilled because I had big obvious jewelry so I would have room for swelling. First day I had no swelling and it didn't hurt one bit. Second day is a bit of a different story because I'm quite swollen and it's difficult to eat. Drinking is fine and I can't wait until it's healed so I can change it to a cute little stud.

I would recommend this studio to anyone. They were intelligent, helpful and overall professional. Good prices as well and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth with this piercing. So far I'm loving it and hoping that it's a hassle free and fairly quick healing. So far so good with this piercing, although last night I did catch it on my pillow case since I was sleeping on my stomach. With drinking I seem to be fine but with eating I am constantly wiping the corners of my mouth just because my food seems to like gathering there which is kind of gross but apparently not that uncommon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Didn%27t+get+her+name
Studio: Chronic
Location: St.+Catharines

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