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Sixteen?! You're kidding me.

Ever since I was about nine, I'd wanted my lip pierced. Obviously, at nine I couldn't get it done, nor did I have a huge desire to. But over the years, the desire for metal in my face grew and grew. Until the last Christmas holidays I was finally able to get a nice set of shiny new snakebites.
It took about 4 months of "Can I?" "No." "Can I?" "No." Until I finally got the big 'yes'. We rang up a place and made an appointment. I was pretty nervous as this was my first "real" piercing. My nostril didn't really count for me, because it didn't hurt at all. But almost all of my friends had their lip pierced and told me that it had hurt, at least a little. "Only for a second." They reassured me.

The day came around, Friday the 9th, and my mother took me down to the place where I had the appointment (We actually went to a different place, because I got confused. Ha ha, my mistake!). It was a hair salon, also. One of my friends had been pierced there and recommended it, though. Anyway, we went in and sorted the jewelry out with the girl that was there. I picked out a pair of continuous rings for my future snakebites.

After filling out a consent form, as I am only 14, we were told to wait a while for cleaning the jewelery. I went into the back room with the piercer and was told to sit down on the bed-like thing. The room was a very bright white and it smelt so clean. My nerves had gone away and I was excited. She got out all the equipment in front of me and made me rinse my mouth with mouthwash. She placed two small dots on my lip where the piercing would be and told me to look in the mirror. I told her to bring the dots closer to the center and on lower down, and she tried again. This time it looked perfect to me. She clamped up my lip and pushed the needle though. Once she had both the needles in, she started talking to me about how she wanted angel bites but couldn't get them... BECAUSE SHE WAS 16!!! I was so angry, but I couldn't say a thing because my mouth was full of blood, so I decided to just shut up and complain to someone else.She finished the piercing and I left, complaining to my mother about her.

Once we got home I checked them in the mirror and I noticed that she turned the join of the continuous rings inside the hole. Bad thing is, she didn't close them all the way, and one was crooked. So there was pretty much only half a hole. On both of them. They were ruined. I got my mother to call the shop and they told me to come back and they'd see what they could do. I was going back later that night, anyway, with my friend. She was getting her septum pierced.

When we got there, my friend gave the girl a greasy. She looked somewhat ashamed. There was a different lady at the desk. She had a few tattoos, which put me at ease, knowing that she was most likely over 18. She took me into a room and took out the rings for me. The left one pissed out blood for about 30 seconds. I held a tissue on it and told me that if I got it redone that day, I would pretty much definitely get an infection. I took her word for it, and made an appointment to see her a few weeks later. I'd get them for free, as long as I didn't want any fancy jewelery. She also told me that the girl who pierced me didn't even know how to use continuous rings.

Skipping forward to my appointment, I took my friends with me. I was nervous, and again, I got the "Only for a second" from my friends.
Try about four seconds from getting them pierced, and then about 4 days after I had to take the previous ones out.

A woman at the desk told me that this time, the head piercer would be doing it, and that she had lots and lots of experience. Awesomeeee. Nobody's allowed in the room with me though, as a rule of cleanliness or something. It was pretty packed, but I was lucky and got to go in first. My friends waited in the waiting area and I went in. We placed the dots and I got pretty tired of walking over to the mirror so much. My face was green from the marker. She had me lay down and she clamped the dots and told me to take a slow, deep breath. She put the needle in and cut off the end. It didn't hurt as much as last time. She did the same with the other one, too. "Feelin' ok, dude?" "It's strange being able to breathe through a closed mouth." "Ha ha, I reckon."

This time I got CBR's instead. (Never using continuous rings again) She put the rings in and cleaned me up a bit, letting me spit blood into a cup and rinse my mouth out. She told me those were as close to perfect as she could possibly get them, and that they looked 'Wicked', in her words. She went through after care with me, telling me to clean them twice a day with a saline solution, and to come back in 6-8 weeks to change them to smaller rings. I'm following her instructions and cleaning them twice a day with sea-salt soaks and non-alcoholic mouthwash. I've never really used sea-salt soaks, and have never even really bothered all that much with cleaning for my other piercings, but now that I have been through the grief of losing a piercing I really loved, I've become pretty much religious.

The first week was pretty much hell, for me.My lips were SO dry! For the first four days my lip was pretty swollen. I was scared it wasn't going to go down. I thought to myself 'If it doesn't go down by Saturday (one week mark), I'll go back'. I woke up the next day and my lip hadn't gone down at all. In fact, It had gotten a lot bigger. The rings were tight against my lip. I'm guessing it was because the night before I got hit in the face with a television remote. Luckily, The swelling was completely gone by Saturday and hasn't gotten swollen since.

Now, two and a half weeks on, my lip still gets pretty dry, but the piercings are looking perfect. One's a smidgen lower than the other, but I'm the only one that notices it, and only when I look really close. I'm super happy with them, and can't wait for my next piercing.

I used to read peoples stories saying "Check to see how good your piercer is! Make sure they're of age! Blah blah blah!" And think 'Nah, I'll be 'right." But seriously, do it. Because there is a chance that something like what happened to me might happen to you, and the outcome could be ten times as worse as just losing the piercing.


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on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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