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Back from ink to needles...namely through my lip!

So it's been a while since I last had needles stuck in me for the name of mods. Over the past 2 years I've really been interested in tattooing, but given that this path will make me a) very broke and b) head to toe in ink, I felt a return to piercing was in order.

Obviously I have my ears pierced (this is true of pretty much 99% of women in the western world right), and a couple of years back I got my tongue pierced (which I still love!). I have wanted my lip done since I was about 13, probably inspired by Chester from Linkin Park (oh the adolescent shame!) but it had just completely gone out of my head with public facing jobs and parents who don't really like my mods.

Since I've been at university I have really enjoyed the freedom to do whatever to my body, and having to deal with the disapproving looks so very rarely now, although I'm looking forward to when I get home for summer and have to handle the talk yet again!

I had been planning up till very recently to have my tragus done, but since I had my last tattoo on my side I'm really not enjoying the lack of symmetry on my body at the moment, and obviously it would be difficult to sleep if I had both my ears at the same time. But a central lip piercing? Perfect!

I've been to White Flame a couple of times now, for my second to last tat and for my mates piercings and I just absolutely love the place! (Shout out to Dan now that I know his name!) It is a really clean little studio, but it has this really sort of laid back vibe, and it smells clean but not like a hospital!

So, it was a dreary, dark, rainy Monday afternoon and the boyfriend had cancelled yet again. I was sat about with nothing to do and a load of money I had saved for the day burning a hole in my pocket and I just thought: piercing!

So I trundled on down, paid my fee, signed a form and got ready. Since it has been nearly 4 years since I last got pierced I'll admit I was a little nervous, purely because I had no concept of how this was going to feel, my tongue had been numbed so I had no basis for comparison.

The chick that did it (another name I don't know, I'm really sorry!) was lovely, and we chatted away and she kept me informed the whole time, taking a while to get the placement just right, which is nice given that my tongue was just done without any real thought.

It hurt a little bit, but obviously unlike tattooing the pain is over with pretty quickly. The weird thing about having your face pierced (or at least to me) was that you have no idea what is going on, especially when asked to tilt your head back and shut your eyes! It is a shame, I would love to give more details about the procedure, but as I went on my own I don't know any! I was talked through the aftercare, bought my mouthwash and emerged!

I love my new piercing, amazingly everyone seems to have taken a while to notice, and then are sure that I have had it forever, which must be a good sign right? I did lose my ball within 2 days, which meant a pretty rough night and the piercing got pretty battered and swollen, but I seem to heal pretty quickly and the swelling went down within a day of getting a new ball. It also doesn't hurt now, which is awesome. It was a bit sore at first, but seems to have settled down a bit, although I still get a 'tight' feeling when I grin or yawn, which is occasionally very disconcerting!

Eating was another issue I didn't really think about. With my tongue, the swelling went down so quickly I was back to eating solid food in about 2 days, but I keep catching this baby and am having to be very careful what and how I eat. I'm also having to be very careful with my skin care routine, where normally I'd just slather on my creams and rub them in, now I have to be really careful not to get the chemicals anywhere near my new addition, I'm fairly sure it would sting like hell otherwise!

Other than that, I've been keeping it clean and keeping my hands off and I can't wait to get some smaller jewellery in there!

As always, I had a great experience at White Flame, I can't recommend them enough and can't wait to get back down there for some more mods!


submitted by: Loz-fairy
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: White+Flame
Location: Bournemouth

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