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Vertical Labret/Lip... Painless experience?

My experience with my vertical labret was definitely a positive one.

I had finally summoned up the courage to get this piercing done, after wanting it for a really long time but to be honest, avoiding it because I was pretty scared of the pain as I was told by lots of people that it was their most painful piercing. In the past I had gotten my lip pierced (on the side), but decided to take it out prior to the appointment because I didn't want an asymmetrical look.

I decided on Soul Survivors in Winnipeg because I have had several piercings done there and they had all healed beautifully, and they have a great reputation in the city. I also have a blood disorder that causes me to have low platelets (clotting cells), which has not affected me too much in the way of tattoos and piercings, but still something I let my piercer know. I have to say, I had done some exploring on the internet prior to this (BME, youtube) and there was a lot of conflicting stories about the pain during and after. I saw one youtube video in particular where the lip started bleeding a lot, which freaked me out a bit. When I went in for my appointment, I mentioned this, and my piercer told me that looking on youtube was not such a good idea.

Anyways, the day of I was completely freaked. I always get like this, but for this piercing I was more nervous then I had ever been. I have had my lip, nose, and navel pierced as well as my ears stretched (now at a 00), but for some reason I was really nervous about this one. When he called me in, he could tell I was very nervous and took his time to make sure I was ready. He cleaned the area thoroughly, including applying a bit of a numbing product with a qtip. He then took his time to make sure the placement was correct by applying several dots with a pen. This included me relaxing my mouth, opening my mouth, him standing close and far to make sure that it would be straight. He also said I had great anatomy for it, and that it was going to line up really nicely with the center line in my teeth, nose, etc. That was something I wasn't aware of, but I definitely knew that I wanted it to be straight as I had seen some crooked ones and I thought that looked terrible. So once he had it lined up, he gave me a few moments to collect myself and assured me that the nervousness was totally normal. I was nervous that it would hurt and I would jump, and he also assured me that he would have the clamp on tight and I could pretty much do anything but jump out of the chair and I would still have a straight piercing. I asked him how much in relation to other piercings I had that it hurt, and he said sometimes this one can be a more painful one, but it all depends. So he clamped it down and asked me if it was too pinchy. I'm not sure if it was the adrenaline (because I had worked myself up so much), but I could barely feel it. He told me to take a breath in and out, and then I took one more breath in and he pierced it. I could not believe how painless it was. My eyes did not even water. A few moments later, the jewellery went in, which was at most, a pinch, and I was done. Not only that, it was completely straight and exactly how I wanted it. It lays in a great spot, doesn't hit my teeth, you can see it right in front of my top lip when my mouth is closed. No blood, nothing. He went over some of the cleaning procedures with me, I paid (leave your piercer a good tip!) and I was on my way.

I have followed the instructions pretty religiously with cleaning (sea salt rinses, cleaning, not playing with it, no beer, etc), and I am on day 3 right now. I have very little pain associated with this piercing and my swelling has been totally minimal. No bruising either (which I have seen before from a friend).

If you are considering getting this done, I would highly recommend researching and going to a reputable place. It makes the experience very positive, fairly painless, quick to heal and a great, symmetrical piercing. I feel like the vertical labret is not something you should go to an inexperienced piercer for – because you can tell from the results. I am extremely pleased with my vertical labret and would not hesitate to recommend BJ from Soul Survivors to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: BJ
Studio: Soul+Survivors
Location: Winnipeg%2C+MB+CANADA

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