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My cheeks make me happy!

The story of my cheeks starts on March 20th 2008.  It was a Thursday which is 2 for one day at Dead Rockstar in Fargo, ND.  Always a good day for me to go because I live an hour away and certainly don't mind getting 2 piercing at a time.  Jewelry is extra, and a pretty penny, so it makes it that much better to go down on a Thursday.

I had tried to get them pierced about a week before by Todd but they didn't have flat backs that were long enough.  So waiting an hour to get in and all the measuring was for not.  I was really disheartened because I was finally going to get them after wanting them for so long.  That and gas is expensive and the hour trip was for nothing.  Well, at least I learned I had fat cheeks.  They said they would order in some jewelry that was long enough and give me a call when it was in.  I am unbelievably impatient and they said it might take weeks.

A week later I was calling them and asking if they had put in the order and the expected arrival.  They were putting in the order that day and said that it should be about a week.  I was stoked.  Within that last week I had talked to a couple friends that wanted to get pierced and it worked out that we could go on the following Thursday.  I was going to go down with them whether or not the jewelry had come in because if nothing else I would get 2 different piercing.

So April 3rd we headed on down.  We get there around 10am, left at 8 and got a bit to eat since we didn't know if we would be able to since we were planning on oral piercing.  Talked to Chuck, the senior piercer, and he said that the jewelry hadn't come in but we could do it with barbells, which I had actually heard from other people who have gotten their cheeks pierced that it was a better choice, so I was stoked.

The wait was excruciating.  I had 3 friends with me and 2 of them were getting pierced as well.  I was the one to go last.  Then it was my turn.  We decided to do the cheeks before the other 2 piercing I was going to get since I had never had them done.  I was extremely anxious.  I always get that way before I get pierced.  It is odd because I have pierced myself without trouble but when getting things pierced professionally I get all jumpy and since I had "fat cheeks" I knew there was a lot of tissue to go through.

In 9 years of piercing chuck had only gotten the chance to do about 10 cheek piercings

Because Fargo is not exactly a metropolis. I wasn't worried about that since I knew he would be thorough.

Then came the measuring and marking which was, by far, the longest of the whole process. I had my friend, Ali, taking pictures to submit. She helped checking out the markings for good aesthetic placement. Feeling for glands and other important things, marking and remarking took close to 20 minutes since he can be quite the perfectionist. That is definitely not a bad trait for a piercer or other professional "body artist". Then came the clamping.

Started with the right side.  The clamp didn't hurt at all which is almost odd since with other piercings I swear that is the worst part.  The countdown began and in went the needle.  It was through, eyes watering I waited for the jewelry to get through.  It was an easy follow through.  Then a snag was hit.  He had used a clamp that had a smaller opening then the ball at the end of the barbell.  He had to unscrew the inside ball to get the clamp off.  I swear this was the worst part, continuing to be clamped while someone with hands that were not a comfortable fit was digging around in my mouth.  I thought my jaw was going to lock up (I have TMJ) and holding my mouth that wide open just plain sucked.  Finally got it unscrewed, clamp removed, and ball screwed back on.  On to the other cheek.

Wisely enough he grabs a different clamp to use on the left side.  This was a much quicker process.  An it was done!  I looked in the mirror and although I had a semi-grimace on my face I was ecstatic.  I was so happy that I had gotten it done and felt a little foolish for being so worried.

It has been a couple weeks and the swelling has gone down enough for a jewelry change, which I need money to get the shorter barbells.  I have noticed now that although look fantastic on the outside, the angle of the piercing is slightly different.  I can tell by were and how the barbell sits and moves around.  But I am not worried because they look fantastic.

There has been a lot of crusties and some pale yellow ooze throughout these weeks but it seems to be getting less and less.  I just clean with anti-bacterial soap 2x per day, sea salt spray it a couple times a day when I notice it getting kind of gross, and use Biotene mouthwash after eating.  Biotene is nice because it is alcohol free and actually promotes the enzymes in your saliva to kill bacteria more efficiently. It is also for people with dry mouths which is great for me because I always have a dry mouth.

Thanks Chuck for my cute metal dimples!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chuck+D.
Studio: Dead+Rockstar
Location: Fargo%2C+ND

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