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DIY snakebites

So I've been wanting to get myself a pair of lip rings for a while now, and I'm a tightwad college student who is super picky about placement. When I got my ears pierced last September, they turned out uneven, and that just bothers me to an extreme because I love symmetry in my body. So, this time I'm thinking, ok if I do it myself I know I can make it perfect, because I am a perfectionist about things like this.

So I got all the materials I would need for a piercing like this. 2 14g sterilized hypodermic needles, 1 pair of forceps, 1 pair of sterile rubber gloves.

I started out by sterilizing my entire dorm room sink with Purell, I didn't want to risk an infection right off the bat. I spent at a minimum half an hour preparing the position of my piercings, me being picky and all. With my face, there are only 2 possible positions that look good anyways. So I got all that prep out of the way and got ready for the piercing. The whole time my best friend was watching over my webcam, and just making sure everything was all right. I decided to pierce from in-to-out because I needed to put in studs because the rings I had gotten were too big, so that was definitely trickier. Getting the needle to come out where you marked it is very hard this way... just FYI.

I started by doing the left side first, just for no reason... I closed the forceps tightly, and started pushing the needle through, going slowly the entire time because I wanted it to be perfect. Surprisingly, there was almost no pain, and that was great, because I was worried I might wuss out and not be able to do the second one, but I have a fairly high pain tolerance so I wasn't too worried. I think it took nearly 5 minutes, because I was just going sooo slowly, but it ended up coming out right next to my dot. That made me a little irritated, but it was very close so that was good. I got the jewelry through just fine and screwed the ball onto the end without any problems at all. I was semi psyched by now, and started getting ready to do the second one.

This time I just started pushing through because I knew what to expect, and was totally ready, the second one still took a couple minutes, but still the experience was the same. The second one also ended up coming out next to my dot, although a little lower down. Again, nearly painless experience. Neither piercing bled at all, although there was blood inside the needles, though that was to be expected. I cleaned everything up, and made sure there wasn't going to be any dangerous mess left.

The next day there was hardly any swelling, but I bit on the jewelry several times trying to eat, and let me tell you, that is one painful experience. The next 2 days afer that the swelling got pretty bad, but thankfully the next day it all but dissappeared, and my lip returned pretty close to normal.

Right now, its been 4 days since I pierced my lip, and all is returning to normal. I'm getting used to having these foreign objects in my lip, and I'm enjoying the attention I'm getting. I really don't mind the strange stares from the older generation, I was having a wonderful friendly chat with a woman in her late 80's and she didn't seem to mind at all. But all in all, I wouldn't recommend piercing from in-to-out, because of the logistics of it. It is incredibly hard to see the underside of your lip. My piercings aren't even, but its barely noticeable, and won't be at all when I put rings in.

So far there are no signs of infection, since I am brushing my teeth after every meal, and washing with diluted mouthwash after everytime I eat or drink something that isn't water. The piercing itself was only slightly worse than getting my ears pierced at a 14g, and nothing compared to stretching them. The swelling and the pain from eating is definitely uncomfortable, but easily tolerable. I would only recommend this to the prepared, though, because it is very risky if you aren't sure what you are doing. I made sure I researched all the steps before hand, and had my pierced friends double check my placement beforehand. If you are doing this to yourself, please use professional grade equipment and acquire the know-how. It will save you the pain and possible scarring caused by an infection. Oh, almost forgot, I didn't numb my lip in any way. I just cranked some of my favorite music and kicked on my adrenaline.

Because of the lack of pain I am definitely going to do some more DIY, I'm just going to be very careful, and make sure it's something I'm capable of. Good luck with your future DIY projects, and may they turn out in your favor.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myself
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Location: Kansas

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