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The Fun Of A Monroe Piercing!

For the longest time, I had been wanting to get my monroe pierced (way before the trend started becoming... well a trend HA). Me being the age of 13 when wanting to get the piercing put an impact on the decision of my mom to sign for me.

After a year and a half of convincing, I was now 14 and it was a few days after Christmas, when I had money to actually pay for my own piercing.

My friend recently before, had got her nose pierced at a place called Full Spectrum, which is a local place a lot of people that live near me go for piercings and tattoos.

The few days after Christmas, I seemed to be begging my mother every second of the day to take me to get it done. That I would take extreme care of it, and wouldn't ask for another piercing. Considering I wanted to get my nose, and lip pierced also. I'm assuming she just gave into me pressuring her enough to make the decision of whether I would get the beautiful piercing or not.

When my mom said yes, I hurried and pulled the phone book out, looked up the number, and called Full Spectrum to see the price range of monroe and lip piercings.

So December 27.2008 I had my mom drive me up to Full Spectrum with my sister (who wanted her lip pierced) and my friend, who simply just wanted to come just so she could make fun of me when I started to cry because I'm scared of needles. When we got there, there wasn't really anyone there besides a girl standing there with her shirt tied half way up, and a new tattoo of her name adoring her back.

We went to the front desk told them what we wanted to done, and Biscuit (the piercer) pulled to pieces of paper out. He asked us for our age, and we told him, but he took the paper away from us, telling us that we would need our birth certificates to get pierced.

So we left the parlor... and drove to my Dad's house where my birth certificate was residing. My sister told him we needed it to sign up for a local sports team, and he happily gave it to us. For the reason we didn't tell him we were getting pierced was because he is the kind of person who's all "piercings leave scars... FOREVER! Your going to have a scar on your face for the rest of your life..." blah blah blah. That kind of stuff. But I don't think he understands the power of MAC makeup ;).

We went back to Full Spectrum. Showed Biscuit or Birth Certificates. And then my sister sat down in the room her prepared while we were gone. My sister happily went first, which I was thankful for because like I said, I'm terrified of needles.

She washed her mouth out, and Biscuit marked her. She looked at the mirror and nodded approving the spot (though I thought it was a little low for a lip piercing, but she liked it so whatever). He put his gloves on, asked her if she wanted a ring or stud, and got down to business when she replied with the answer of "Stud".

After what seemed like two seconds, my sister was finished and I was being forced into the chair by my friend. Biscuit and I were just making small talk for a few minutes, while he cleaned his station and what not. He told me he hated doing monroe's in which I replied with suck it up and do it, haha.

He started grabbing the stud to put in for my monroe. It was the same size he used on my sister and I asked him if I had an option of which one I used. He told me no, and I sulked because I didn't want that huge ball on my face and people mistake it as a giant mole attached to my top lip.

Biscuit marked my lip, I looked in the mirror, nodded, and he got ready. I wasted no time closing my eyes, and grabbing the arm of the chair while I started to move closer to me with the needle. He lifted up my lip, and placed the needle in the appropriate spot before, pushing it through. Tears prickled my eyes at the pain. But to be honest, it didn't really hurt that bad, it was just a shock because how fast he did it. He screwed on the ball, and I was finished!

We paid Biscuit, left him a tip, and left going back to my house to drop my sister off, and going to my friends to drop her off.

Later that night, my Dad wanted to take my mother and I out to dinner at some Mexican place, in which my dad would see my monroe piercing. I said whatever and waited patiently in the car to get to the Mexican place. But once we got there, the ball popped off and I almost started crying because I couldn't find out where it went.

Long story short, we called Biscuit, he told us to come back, and he would screw a new ball on my face haha.

The next day, my lip wasn't swelling at all, which I was thankful for. But the day after that, you could mistake the ball on my face for a black olive pushing my skin down hella far. My lip was crooked because the swelling and the size of the bar Biscuit put in my lip.

My mom freaked out about it, thought it was infected, and wanted me to take it out right away. I simply told her no, and jumped on my computer, searched every site to see if swelling was normal, and found out it was.

The swelling didn't go down for about another 3 days, and still it was a little swollen. And I understand now why Biscuit used such a big bar when piercing me because of the swelling. If he hadn't used a big one I can guarentee you it would have sunk in my face during the swelling period.

I have now had my monroe for a little over 3 months, and can say I'm honestly happy with it. I've put in a smaller ball, which compliments my face better. I'm honestly happy that I got it, and hopefully will never regret it. And now, I must go convince my mom into letting me get my nose pierced ;).

Have fun future monroe piercee's!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Biscuit
Studio: Full+Spectrum
Location: St.Louis%2C+Missouri

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