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painful experience, but worth it

For almost a year, I had been wanting to get my lip pierced. At first, I wanted a vertical labret, but then decided that it would be really painful and leave 2 scars if I ever had to take it out. So, the next best thing was a plain labret. Right down the middle, on my bottom lip. I had all of my materials handy, everything was sterilized, and so forth. I didn't have a piercing needle, so I took one of my mom's sewing needles and put it in rubbing alcohol and what not. I knew that was a stupid idea, but hey, my friend did hers with one and it turned out fine. I was really scared of how painful it would be, but I just stuck the needle in, slowly went back, and it was all done. It was not bleeding, and it did not hurt at all. So, I left it in for about an hour.

I figured it was about time to put the stud in, and stupid me, I took the needle out. Not only had I lost the hole, but the needle was too small to begin with! it was like, a 20 gauge sewing needle, and the stud was 16 gauge. I tried to push it though the same hole again, but it went through a completely different hole and started to bleed. This part scared me, and so I just gave up that night on doing anything. I went on the internet and tried to gather information on other people and how they did their piercings. I couldn't really find anything in detail, since almost everyone went to piercing parlors to get their lips pierced. I almost started to question if I even should try piercing my own lip, because you know, what if it turns out like a disaster and my whole lip turns black and falls off? or what if I get keloids and it scars up my entire face?

But then I just told myself that it only happens to people that do not take care of them, or used like a dirty safety pin that they found on the ground or something. Even a kid at my school, who used a push pin, did not get his lip infected or anything. And I had never met anyone that pierced something on their body and got it infected or anything.

The next day, me and my friend rode our bikes to the mall, and got some other piercing material for both of us (since she wanted her monroe pierced), and then rode back home. There, we pierced her lip first, which was obviously really painful to her, and with a little swelling, she had a new piercing. I, thinking "oh she was able to do it, I should too", was wrong. Where she got her monroe pierced, there was almost like fifty percent less skin that she had to go through. Where I wanted my piercing... it was a really thick part of the lip. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is the thickest part of the lip. But we both convinced myself that it would be worth it in the end. I slept over at her house, and the next morning, we couldn't find a needle that was 16 gauge or bigger. We went through her drawers in her kitchen, and finally found something. It was a stabbing utensil for eating corn on the cob. We broke the handle off of it, and voila! There was a needle that was about 12G that seemed like it would work. I used a jewelry cleaner, to get some icky stuff off it, and then I used rubbing alcohol to sterilize it. I got the needle almost halfway through, when I figured I couldn't do this. The pain was almost unbearable. So I had two of my friends try to push it though, which was even worse. The entire time they were doing this, I had a gut feeling that they didn't wash their hands, which just made me really scared.

After about, 10 minutes of pain, the needle finally went through. I had a nail sticking out of my mouth for about 2 hours, which looked really weird. I took out the nail and switched it with my 16G stud, which was really comfy compared to that nail.

It wasn't too swollen, and it didn't get infected YET-its been almost 3 weeks since I've had it in now, and its still in the healing process. So, it was definitely worth it. The only downside is, that I have to hide it from my parents (not easy, I have to lie to them and say its fake), and I have no idea when I'm going to tell them about it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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