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My Monroe experience!

I have an older sister and she started getting piercings at the age of 13. I was really enviouse of the whole experience and figured that maybe it was time for me to get my first piercing, (aside from my ears). I was originally thinking of my belly button, but I heard bad things. I was also going through a faze when all I cared about was Marilyn Monroe. I then heard that was actually a piercing called a Monroe. I saw pictures of it on google and decided that was going to be my piercing. My mom agreed and we made plans for me to get it done on a sunday.

The car ride to the piercing shop definitely made me anxious. I was scared that was gonna be pain and bleeding. I was hoping that everything would go good and planned. I quickly ate a bagel before I got it done, ( I heard it was a good idea.) I got to the piercing shop and my older sister, who had gone through this process many times, agreed to go back with me. I am so happy for that to, it definitely calmed my nerves. My mom signed the papers and a woman  took me back to the room where they pierce you.

Barbie was the piercer who did mine. She made sure I was calm and told me about the risks related to the piercing, (mainly, always wrinse with non-alcoholic mouth was, don't grind it against your teeth, mainly the risks that come with any mouth piercing). I decided to pay a little extra and got a ball with a pink jewel in the end of it. I was so scared I could have peed my pants!

I sat in the chair and prepared myself for what I was about to do to my face. I rinsed my mouth, ( it was the strongest mouth wash ever!) and dried out my mouth. Barbie marked where I was going to get it done and it looked perfect already. I held my sisters hand as Barbie told me to take a deep breath. I felt a 1 second pinch and before you knew it, the needle was in. I looked in the mirror in surprise. I got the bar put in and the ball screwed on. I looked at my sister and said, "Thats it!" I then looked in the mirror and couldn't be happier.

After the piercing was put in it felt so weird, it's all I could feel. I then went to get all the cleaning supplies and something to eat. I recommend eating a lot before you get the piercing. Eating was really hard, I couldn't stop drooling and everyone in the mall was staring.

The Healing Process

Day 1 - The first day wasn't bad, there was very little pain, just some tenderness on top where the bar was, also very little swelling. I was able to eat kind of. It takes a while to eat a sub. Sleeping that night was a bit uncomfortable, but once I found a comfortable position it was easy.

Day 2 - That morning it was swelled a lot! I then knew why they had to put on an extra long bar. It didn't really hurt at all. It did though if I nudged it a bit. I was able to eat a little better. It was a little uncomfortable, but i just kept sticking food on the other side of my mouth. Sleeping was easy, I just took some ibuprofen and was asleep soon,

1 week - I woke up scared because I thought that the piercing had fallen out, to my surprise I realized I had gotten used to it and it no longer bugged me. I could eat again, (aside from dairy). The swelling was gone and I no longer felt pain.

4th week- I couldn't feel the piercing and it was totally healed. I could eat anything I wanted again (including dairy products). I was so happy with the outcome. I am now going for my second piercing tomarrow. I can't wait.

It is now 6 months later and I still love the piercing. My friends always ask me if it hurt and I always tell the truth. No! I hope that if you are thinking about getting this piercing that you will do it. It looks really cute and you will definitely get compliments about it. I would also suggest going to Hardcore if you are in town. It is a great calming place and the piercers really care if your comfortable. Also, if you have any questions about the piercing call the shop, I must have called a million times just to convince myself. If your thinking about this piercing... Do it! It is great.

Anyway.. happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Barbie
Studio: Hardcore+tattoo+and+piercing
Location: St.thomas%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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