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Labret Piercing

I had debated whether or not to get my lip pierced for over two years.

I'd always loved them and been interested in them, since I was little. Every time I met someone who had the piercing I was always so jealous. I was only concerned about scarring if I was to retire the piercing.

One day, I was in town with two friends, and decided, "Hell, lets just do it, I've got the money, and I'm ready for it". This is how I like getting things; acting completely on impulse.

I had looked and asked around for good piercing places earlier that year, so I decided to go to

a local piercing store, knowing from seeing other people's piercings, and hearing their experiences, that this was highly recommended and the best place to get it done.

I talked to the piercer, Chris, about what I wanted, I filled out the forms, and he took me and my two friends into the back room.

I was immediately impressed, everything look amazing and sterile - it was very good.

I told him I wanted it pierced as a stud, at a 16g. I had considered getting pierced at a 14g, but decided I wanted a more petite piercing, and I could always stretch it to a 14g later if I liked.

He agreed this would be the best way to pierce it, and began setting up. The room looked absolutely spotless, the cleanest I'd ever seen a piercing studio. I sat up in the piercing chair, excited to get started. I watched him carefully set up, making sure everything was clean and I was comfortable going through with this.

I wasn't really nervous; I'd stuck plenty of needles in myself before, but never a facial one.

Chris got me to clean my mouth and rinse it, and began checking for veins on the inside of my mouth which may have caused complications. Lucky he did, because where people are usually pierced, I had vain which would've caused serious bleeding problems. I told him I wanted it on the left side of my lip and he found the perfect place for my piercing, marked it, and got my to take a look at it.

It was perfect.

Chris then told me about what was going to happen, what tools he would use, and told me to keep perfectly still. He also kept me calm and and told me about his earlier piercings he had done that day, and all the labrets he's pierced have been completely fine. This took the ease off a bit.

Naturally, with my two friends next to me, it was difficult to keep still and not smile like an idiot. I actually think my friends were more worried than me! We all had a good laugh, and then calmed down and got into business!

He put the needle in.

My first thought was 'Wow, that feels thick". For some reason, I had expected it to feel thinner, but it felt absolutely huge! I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I didn't find it very painful at all. It was just...awkward and uncomfortable. He then put the stud in (the stud was 16g and 10mm long, as to allow space if/ when my lip was to swell) which also felt quite strange and unusual and I took a look in the mirror. I was thrilled - he had done such a fantastic job with it! The placement was absolutely spot on... perfect and I was so happy with the way it had turned out. I couldn't of asked for anything better.

He then had a very long talk to me about aftercare, which was extremely helpful. He allowed me to ask questions which I appreciated, and answered them very well - Chris was a fantastic piercer and I was pleased that I had chosen to get pierced at his studio. I was also given a sheet full of information that was really great and precise. I thanked him and left the studio, admiring my new piercing in the car mirror.

For the next week or so, my lip felt very uncomfortable, I even had trouble eating with it for a while. I experienced some mild swelling for the first few hours, but apart from that, it felt pretty good!

But by following the correct aftercare procedures, it healed up very nicely. I used saline solution on my lip, which helped a lot, kept it clean after each meal, and avoided touching it or getting it dirty.

I would totally recommend this piercing to anyone. It was easy, quick, and relatively painless .I have recently changed the stud to a ring, and intend to go back to Chris to get him to pierce the other side of my lip. I love my new piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Location: NSW%2C+Australia

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