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I love it to pieces!

It only took me a couple of months to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced. I had been wanting it pierced for years! Ever since my sister had hers done when I was in the 6th grade. I did all my research on the procedure and the after care and everything, that's probably why my mom let me get it... When she finally did say yes I had to wait another couple of weeks for my sister to have her baby that way my dad wouldn't be in town. I don't think he would have been happy to see me for the first time in almost a year with a piece of metal in my face.

When the day came to finally get my piercing I was freaking out. I got to take my friend Chelsea with me though so that made it a little better. I wanted to take one of my other friends, but her mom wouldn't let her and I don't think it would have turned out too good...she kept telling me "it's gunna hurt!" so of course she just got a "F* you!". While we were on our way to After Shock I was REALLY freaking out, I nearly hypervenilated when we were about a block away. Now that I think about it, I over-reacted...a lot!

The inside of After Shock kind of looked like a DRs office when we first went inside. It was SO clean, but then again...that's probably a good thing...I no sooner had filled out the papers when Simon asked me if I was ready (I wasn't really). I was really scared come this time...but my mom, step dad, and best friend all got to go back and watch. I had a hard time in there for a while...I was shaking so bad I could hardly get on the piercing table (which I had to jump to get on). After Simon cleaned my mouth with the sanitizer stuff and had me wash my mouth with listerine he marked the spot and told me to hop down (literally) and look at it in the mirror. When I got down, I was so nervous my knees gave way and I almost fell...Simon just laughed. Suprisingly the placement was absolutely perfect.

Now came the hard part...the piercing. I think I may have aggrivated Simon because I didn't open my mouth wide enough and he kept having to tell me to open my mouth. After he got the clamps on and got the needle ready I shut my eyes as tight as I could...he told me to breath in, and it was done. It really didn't hurt all that bad. I mean don't get me wrong, it hurt, just not an unbearable pain that you think would come with getting a needle put through your lip. The worst part was him putting the ball on. Then I was done. He read us all the things I could and couldn't do like: no french kissing for about a week, no oral sex for 2-4 weeks, no spicy or acidic foods, ect. He gave me an after care slip and I was ready to go.

Simon really did a great job on it and was really funny and nice. If any of you are in the Olathe, Ks. area I deffinetly would recommend Simon at After Shock Tattoos.

My piercing is doing good today. The only time it bothers me is when I have to brush my teeth and when I have to clean the outside. Other than that it's like it's not even there. I love it sooo much. People keep telling me how cute it looks and my best friend is really thinking about getting her's done now. I think it's a very good piercing to get if it's your first one. There's little pain and it's not that hard to take care of. You just have to remember that everytime something other than water goes in your mouth you need to wash it out.

A few tips: Don't freak out about your piercing it's really not as bad as you would think. Listen to what your piercer says!!! If they tell you you shouldn't eat tacos...DON'T! I learned my lesson the hard way...If your going out of town to get it done, you may want to take a rag to put in cold water so that way you can hold it on your lip because it does get sore afterwards. Also; Midol, Aleve, Aspirin, motrin, and ibuprofen all help with the swelling and the soreness...trust me. Another important thing, it isn't a good idea to touch your piercing with dirty hands, if you don't already have some, go to the store and get some hand sanitizer, that way your not constantly washing your hands but you can still keep clean and help prevent infection.

good luck! and good piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Simon
Studio: After+Shock+Tattoos
Location: Olathe%2C+Ks.

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