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did-it-myself lip piercing

I had always admired body piercing. My favorite, of course, is the lip ring. I had friends in Florida that had lip rings and snake-bites and stuff, and I always wanted to get one for myself. Growing up in a household where my parents barely let me cross the street by myself, I knew they would never let me in a million years. So I figured I would just wait till I was 18 and get one then.

In the last year, my family moved to North Carolina, and I got a girlfriend up here. She's freakin awesome! But anyway, we were talking on the phone one night, and she was telling me how much she loved lip rings and that they are fun to "play with" and I would look really sexy with one. That really sparked my interest.

There is no harm in asking, right? So I decided to ask my mom if she would take me to get one. She said "not as long as your living in my house" aka: no way in hell. I knew the answer was going to be no, so I took matters into my own hands. It was a couple of weeks after I asked, and I was bored at like 2 in the morning. I honestly didn't think I had the balls to do it. I thought I would wuss out, but I went for it anyway.

I didn't have any type of ring, so I took a paperclip and cut it down, and made it into a horseshoe shape. Then put it over the right side of my bottom lip. I adjusted it to where I thought it would look good, and put a little dot there with a Sharpie. I found the only needle I had in my room, which happened to be this crazy big sewing needle.

I thought to myself "safety first" so I brushed and flossed my teeth, and swished some Listerine. The only rubbing alcohol we have is in my moms room, and I wasn't about to go ask for it that early in the morning. I knew that the Listerine has alcohol in it, like 40% or something like that, so it was better than nothing. I let the needle sit in some Listerine for a little while, hoping to kill the germs that might be on it. Then I rubbed some on my lip around the sharpie dot.    Now, finally, I took the needle and started to stab the mark on my lip. Needless to say, the huge needle wasn't working very well. It just made my lip hurt. I looked around and found this really tiny fish hook, and stupid me decides to try that. After "sanitizing" it of course. It was working better. It punctured the outside of my lip, but fishhooks are barbed, and I thought that might not be the best idea. I did not want it to get stuck somewhere inside my lip.

I couldn't find anything else to try, so I went quietly upstairs into my lil brothers room and got the smallest pin/needle thing I could find in my mom's sewing kit. I went back to my room and tried that. It was a tiny diameter, and freakin sharp, so it was working rather nice.

Skin is a lot tougher than I thought. I had to use a twisting motion with quite a lot of force to get it to cut through my lip. I got it about half way in, and remembered that I did not want to stab my gum or anything on the other side. So I took a paper towel and rolled it up into a small square and put it on the other side of my lip.

I continued to push on the needle. I could feel every time it would budge, and I paused, because it felt so weird. But it was not hurting nearly as bad as I thought it would. I'm not going to lie, it did hurt, but the pane was definitely tolerable. I finally got the needle to where it was hitting the paper towel, so I took it out.

I decided to hold my lip out and push the needle the rest of the way. Well, the inside of my lip was just stretching, the needle did not want to go through. So I held the needle still and used my fingers to push on the skin around the needle on the other side. The skin was a lot more durable than I expected, but it finally ripped through.

I was relieved and shocked at the same time. I finally got that damn needle through after like half an hour, but I was shocked that I actually did it. So I had a needle sitting in my lip at like 3 in the morning, and I decided to call my cousin. I told him about it, and asked him for advice because I did not have a ring or anything for it.

He said to pull the needle all the way through to where the little metal ball thingy on the end of it was against the outside of my lip. Then take wire cutters and cut off the rest of the needle on the inside, (which kinda hurt a lil) all but a centimeter or so. After I did that, he said to take an eraser from a pencil and cut off a small flat pancake looking piece and stab the needle through it. The eraser holds the needle in place so it doesn't fall out. Surprisingly, it worked.

Well, I was lying in my bed, and I finally started to think. What was my mom gonna do? Or worse... my dad. I hid it from them that morning, and went to school. Everyone there loved it. Especially my girl. I know that they say that you are not supposed to kiss or anything for like the first week after you get your lip pierced, because of increased risk of infection or something like that, but we couldn't help ourselves. I figured a couple of hours was long enough to wait. Lol. My lip was really sore, and kinda hurt to kiss, but oh well...

Anyway... my mom picked me up from the bus stop, and my lil brother was with her. She didn't notice, but of course my brother yells out "Kyle, what's  on your lip?!?" then my sister (who goes to my school and already saw it) says "mama, he pierced his lip" I just thought to myself -oh shit... here it goes- *roll eyes* Long story  short:  I got bitched at all day. I finally convinced her to let me keep it, but I had to promise not to pierce anything else till I was 18.

I had the needle in my lip for like 3 days, and it was getting really annoying. I'm glad it did not get infected or anything. I thought it was starting to, because my lip swelled up and the red part of my lip started to turn a purple-black color in spots. It was not cool, but It got better in like a week or so. Thank god.

I finally got a ring for it. 18 gauge was the smallest they had, but it was still like twice as big as the needle I used. I tried to get the ring in, but it just wouldn't go in. I almost gave up on it, but I thought "no, I've come way too far to give up now". so I took some pliers and forced it in there. It hurt like hell. Definitely more painful than piercing it in the first place, probably just because it was still tender and sore.

I kept that one in for about a month, then decided to gauge it to a 14. Again, it wouldn't fit, and again I forced it to. Paine is temporary. It is still a 14 gauge and probably not gonna get any bigger.

More people like it than hate it, or so they say. No one is ever like "oh...a lip ring...wow". its always either "kick ass" or "why the hell would you want to do that?". the only people I know that hate it are my family (goodie-goodies) and my work. They wont let me wear it at my job. Kinda gay. I have even gotten in trouble for having it at work, but oh well. I don't care. Everyone else thinks its awesome.

If you are thinking of piercing something yourself, go for it. Well, actually, try and have a professional do it, but if not, its your body. I did no research whatsoever, and mine turned out just fine. It also makes for a better story if you do it yourself. Lol. People are always freaked out when you tell them you did it yourself... but I hope this lil story has helped someone, or was just fun to read.

Pros/Cons to having a lip ring:


Looks awesome. Some people will leave you alone (kinda afraid of you or something like that). Attracts a lot of attention.


Some people will hate you or see you as a different person. Hard to eat for the first couple of weeks. Some jobs wont let you wear it. Requires constant cleaning.

Overall Recommendation:

Definitely! I love mine!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Lip Piercing

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