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NEW PIERCING Snakebites. Love Them

So my birthday was on march the 16th and I've wanted snakebites for a while now, I got given the right amount of money for it and persuaded my mum into taking me seeing as I had just turned 15 and wasn't legally old enough to get them by myself. So on the 19th we went to Cambridge after I got back from school. I wasn't nervous until I was in the shop but could see the studio was clean. When I was 12 I got a navel piercing and since then I've wanted more piercing, although I have a bad track record with them. I'll explain, two weeks after my belly button had healed up I ripped it all open by accident and re pierced it again myself I now have a horrible scar round the top hole. I've also had a 8mm gauge and a 6mm gauge both have popped In A Class and Bled Everywhere, I eventually lost both plugs and closed them up.

I waited about 5 minutes till the lady was ready for me she led me to the piercing booth and told me to sit on the bed. She cleaned all round my mouth and marked on where to put my piercing I decided on ones quite central but still far enough apart to fit a fag and a vodka bottle in between them. She told me too lay down and opened the clamp in front of me and all of the "equipment". She clamped my lip over the mark and told me too breath in then out and when I breath out she would stick the needle through. So I breathed in and breathed out slowly I didn't feel any pain until I looked down and saw a huge needle sticking through my lip. It didn't hurt just stung a little bit like when you bite your tongue. She told me she was about to put my hoop through and id feel a slight tug when she did. I hardly felt a thing. She then positioned the clamp again and got ready to do the other side. I breathed in and held it in I wasn't sure I wanted to breathe out but when I did I felt my eyes fill with water. That side hurt so much! I think it was only because my lip had swollen up already and already hurt. She put the jewelry in and fixed the balls in place. She advised me to sit up slowly so I didn't get a head rush.

She cleaned the small amount of blood away from round my new piercings. I checked them out in a mirror, they looked GREAT. I was so pleased with them. The women took a picture of my lips for her portfolio and gave me some tips on how to clean them and prevent bad infections. She also advised me not to smoke till the piercing had healed and not to drink strong alcohols. I asked her if they did work experience here as I have it coming up in June she said yes all I had to was email or call about it.

The next day at school my right ball fell out so during my second and third lessons and our "break" me and my friend Laura went to Cambridge to ask them to put the ball back in because of when me and a few other mates tried to do it the hoop came out completely and I had to put it back through myself ... not something I would want to do again so soon after getting a piercing done. Luckily it was the same women who pierced me who was working. We laughed over the fact I was their again in just two days.

Overall my piecing is fab and still healing as its only my third day of having it. I'm hoping a few weeks after this one is healed I will be getting double nose piercings done. If anyone in Cambridge is looking for a piercing I do recommend tattoo crazy even if it's had its fair share of a bad rep. only bad thing about is the no smoking rule because I smoke about 40 in a week. And the fact my lip is huge! Prepare yourself for your lip to swell up. The lady who pierced me even said I had to have larger rings as I have wide lips but thin ones and that means they would swell up more than normal. And another tip is your lips will get really dry and its hard to get lip gloss and lip balm under the hoops when your lip is swollen. but really this piercing is worth every penny spent on them and it is worth the pain.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Tattoo+Crazy
Location: Cambridge+Uk

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