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It all started in a town named Waco, Texas...

I'm in a band called Breathe Carolina. Recently we have been touring like crazy and have been able to call Texas our second home. We looked at our itinerary and ended up in Waco, Texas where the promoter happened to also own a tattoo/ piercing shop, and was awesome enough to offer free plugs as well as any piercings we wanted for free! When I heard this I almost lost it in excitement! I began to think of all of the piercings and or other mods I wanted (which they also did for free!) and I thought this would be the perfect time to get lowbrets. I've wanted them for some time and eventually wanted to stretch. So I finally decided on lowbrets!

At the shop there was a pizza party for the kids that went to the show and twenty dollar piercings were available for those of age. This was awesome but made it a long wait. I did not mind though because I was getting free piercings! The more I thought about it the more excited I got. I had not seen anyone else there with lowbrets so I was stoked to be the only one ha! When my time finally came, Ruth a sweetheart from New Zealand asked what I wanted. I told her lowbrets and that I eventually planned on stretching, and asked the biggest size I could pierce them at. She had told me six gauge and my eyes lit up with joy that I would be able to start with larger plugs and not have to work so hard to get to my goal!(I plan on stopping at either eight point two millimeters or nine point two millimeters, but stretching is addicting so we'll see!) Unfortunately for me there was no jewelry that was suitable for the area I was looking for. So I ended up with fourteen gauge studs.

Ruth spent plenty of time making sure my piercings were symmetrical and at the point I wanted them. I have them around a centimeter above my chin and around five centimeters apart (not completely accurate). When we finally decided on placement I was ready and anxious! At the time there were many prospectors in the room as well as the other keyboard player in my band recording my experience! (So far he has recorded my bridge, stretching my septum, and now lowbrets!)Before this I have had my ears stretched, bridge pierced, and my septum stretched, but never toyed with any piercings around my lip. It seemed like a sensitive area but I was ready and excited for the feeling. Ruth had now placed her clamps on my lip and said take a deep breath. I closed my eyes and before I knew it, it had gone through. Now my jewelry was in place and went through with no complications. Now I was ready for number two. This time the left side bled but only a few drips on the needle. Surprisingly it had not hurt at all! I now have my lowbrets that I've wanted for sometime!

Ruth had put in smaller studs (lengthwise) which I am happy about. She also gave me longer studs incase the swelling gets to the point in which I need to switch them out. (She had told me a story about her friend who came to get his cut out because his inner lip started to grow over his stud.) When we left we also received free saline solution which I have been using militantly. My lip is still swollen but is healing well. Being on tour and getting piercings is scary and maybe even stupid but there is no way I could pass up an opportunity like this! I haven't had any alcohol or smoked anything since, which sucks especially on tour ha but I have to be extra careful. I was told to use ibuprofen as well as popsicles and ice to calm the swelling. Since then I have also been eating very little and in little nibbles when I do. Although I do have the smaller studs they have still caught on my teeth while I was eating. I have also only bumped my left ring once which hurt for about fifteen minutes. Blood also seems to be around the rings every time I have woken up but in small amounts. The area around my right ring is also red on the inside of my lip. (Something cool and unintentional that happened was the piercings happened to act as markers before and after the letters XmfdX!)

This was one of the best experiences in my life and I will never forget it! I love my piercings and I will forever love that shop! I Am very happy with my lowbrets and am ready for them to heal already!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ruth
Studio: Art+Ambush
Location: Waco%2CTexas

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