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Impulsive Piercer

I just got my lip pierced a week ago and I love it. I remember taking my earrings out when I was about 12 and playing in the mirror by putting them around my lip, pretending I had a lip ring. I just thought it was so cool, and bad ass, and sexy, maybe how some perceived smoking at that age. I kept doing it as I got older, putting earrings on my lip, I was just too scared to pierce my face.

I told everyone at work I was going to get one for my birthday and we all discussed them, where we'd get it, center, side, labret...and I said I was just going to go out and get one in a couple days. The next morning I woke up, asked my mom's boyfriend if it should be center or side, and my mom had a little shit-fit. So I did my earring on the lip thing again, and said I was going to the bank.

I drove to Big Daddy's, walked in, said "I want my lip pierced". Filled out a form and went to a back room. I've had 3 piercings done before, my rook, tragus, and conch, so I was very very calm and knew what to expect. She cleaned my lip, did the mouth wash thing, and we marked up my lip three times for placement. I wanted it perfect, since I'd been wanting this for so long, we settled on an off center, to my right. I just closed my eyes without her asking, I didn't want to know when the needle was coming. She clamped my lip, which I thought was gonna be the needle, and that's when my heart rate and body temperature jumped. It was a quick pinch and then the ring was in. I've bitten my lip harder than the pain of the piercing, if you need a comparison. Actually, it hurt less than when you visit the dentist and he needs to freeze part of your mouth, so they stick that damn needle in your gums for "ten seconds" which turns out to be 15 really.

I went and paid, grabbed my after care sheets, got in my car and took a pic with my phone and sent it to my friends. I went to the store and bought mouthwash and saline solution. My lip didn't swell that day, but it was a numbing pain the entire day. The next day it was super swollen and it was starting to bruise around the hole. It was a bit purple for two days, and pretty swollen, but I took common analgesic pills for the swelling. Rinsing my mouth with the saline solution was nasty at first, but I'm used to it now and don't mind it. The mouthwash kind of burns around the piercing on the inside sometimes, but mouthwash burns my whole mouth for a bit anyway. I use a q-tip with solution on it and clean around the piercing on the outside and inside a few times a day, when I wake up, when I'm home, and right before bed. I also had to get a killer lip chap, because my lips were so dry and I didn't want to lick them to bother the piercing.

Washing my face sucked, since I hit my ring a few times and that hurt. Eating sucked, I tried to eat a wrap after work and I gave up less than half way through, it was taking me four tiny nibbles to get across the top, and the angle at which I ate was not enjoyable. I couldn't tell if there was food on my face or whether I was drooling out one side. So I refrained from food I couldn't break up into pieces and put in my mouth.

My best friend told me on my birthday she didn't like it, but I just don't think she's used to it yet, just like when I cut my bangs. Plus she's had an inverted labret piercing and "evolved" from it. But now I keep getting the same compliment that "some girls get lip rings and it totally doesn't suit them, but yours looks really good on you". And this is still with the piercing ring, not the finished product. I've completely adjusted to my new look, I won't keep it forever, but it's fun and something I highly recommend doing while you're young and spontaneous. Like dying your hair for the first time with some unnatural color, like blue. It's not as permanent as a tattoo either, which I want to get someday as well, but am definitely not ready for. I still haven't seen my dad yet and am super curious to his reaction. The only thing I miss during the healing is going swimming.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Terri
Studio: Big+Daddy%27s+Tattoos%26Piercings
Location: 118+ave%2C+97st.+Edmonton%2C+Alberta.

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