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A Positive Horizontal Lip Experience

Over a month or so ago, I won a free piercing at a bar. I had heard about the parlor through a few other people who had had positive experiences there. I also did some research online, to see if there was any negative feedback. Everything online looked good, like they had all their ducks in a row.

I already have several other piercings and the only other one that I had planned was for a genital piercing, which said coupon did not cover. I did a bunch of research through the bme wikipedia section until I finally settled on a horizontal lip piercing. I really wanted something a little different, something that would be simple for aftercare, but still original enough for me to be known as "that chick with the really cool lip piercing". I had never seen anyone else in person with it, and I knew it would fit my face really nicely.

The shop itself was neat and tidy, as it should be! I made a point to check out the bathroom before having the procedure done. Personally, I feel that you can tell a lot about a parlor from their bathroom. Are there attachments to the taps so you can get water using your elbow instead of your hands? Is it well stocked? How clean is the bathroom in general? Do they have mouthwash on hand?

The piercer Nick, was honest about the fact that he had never seen one either, but was excited for the challenge. He took his time making sure everything would work out to be level and centered. And compensated for the swelling of the lip, by marking the piercing with a slightly smaller curved barbell then the jewelry piece used. He was very sterile and conscious of changing his gloves every time he touched something that could be considered contaminated. The procedure wasn't that painful, the most awkward part was adjusting the clamp for accuracy; but this may also have a lot to do with the fact that I have an abnormally high pain tolerance.

After the piercing was set, Nick made a comment about not needing to give me aftercare instructions, as he was more then certain that I had that already covered. I would like to add though, that he did it in such a manner that I knew full well I could ask him any questions I might have had, and it wasn't just him shrugging off the responsibility.

The piercing did swell up for the first two days, and it scared me that one side of my lip swelled more then the other. I was quite relieved a few days later when the swelling had gone down it was in fact level and centered.

For the healing process I used the LITHA theory for the first 24 hours, then soaked it in sea salt and water, and cleaned it with tea tree oil. In order to soak it, I simply took a sip of the solution, then sucked my lip in and kind of swooshed the liquid around in my mouth. I noticed after a few times of the salt soak that my lip was peeling like crazy. I bought some super strength medicated lip-gloss and held off on the salt soak. Since then Tea Tree Oil once or twice a day has been all it needs and has healed quite nicely.

Within the first few days I tried to take a bite out of an apple... I warn you! When you take a bite out of an apple you use the bottom lip to stop the juices from dripping down onto your chin. This is something instinctive, which I never really bothered to think about before that day. It hurt! I'm happy I work in an industry where I need to carry around a knife; otherwise I would not have been able to eat it. I have since avoided all fruits that need biting and have stuck strictly to oranges and bananas and the likes.

I had also heard that for the first few weeks it is best to avoid spicy food. I stayed nice and clear from making my favorite curry dishes for about a week and a half before being bold and giving it a try. I don't know if it's because I waited a bit or what, but the curry didn't burn at all, like I was expecting.

When it got to try out the new piercing sexually, I was reluctant to really get down and dirty with it (thinking back to the pain from the apple). The kissing had to be very soft and gentle and unfortunately it wasn't really felt during oral; this may have been because of my cautious approach to the act.

The piercing looks really good and does suit my face quite well. I'm really happy with it and have already begun to forget that it's there. It took a good week before people I know actually noticed the piercing, apart from the people I had talked to about it, that is. I took this to mean that it didn't look out of place on my face. (Or that I have too much metal already, take your pick.) The random people that I don't know seem to focus directly on that first and foremost now, not that I'm complaining.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Nick+Oaks
Studio: Slick+Styled+Steel
Location: Montreal%2C+Quebec%2C+Canada

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