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Vertical labret version 1.0 and 2.0

I really liked vertical labrets from the first time I saw a picture of one, but at the time when I first learned about the piercing I had yet to pierce my face and I was somewhat hesitant to do so. However, I visited my piercer one day with a few different ideas in mind and ended up piercing my eyebrow, which removed my hesitation about facial piercings. About a month later I was in the mood to get a new piercing, so I sent my friend a text message asking if she'd like to go with me and get something done as well. We went down to the studio, neither of us really knowing what we were going to get. Eventually I decided to go ahead with the vertical labret, which the piercer needed to sterilize the jewelry for, so my friend and I went to get something to eat while my jewelry was autoclaved.

We waited for a few minutes when we got back to the shop and then it was time to get started. The piercer set up and then it was time to mark my lip. My piercer and I have a fairly close relationship  and I'm generally one of those people who seem to always be happy and smiling, so having him standing in front of me staring at my face and trying to mark my lip with the gentian violet pen made me laugh immensely, which made the whole marking process more than a little challenging for him. Eventually he got marks that he was happy with and I looked in the mirror and okayed them as well, and then it was time to pierce. This started with him saying "this is the part where you're going to be like 'damn you Glen!'", so although I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance and was only slightly nervous beforehand, I wondered if maybe I should be more concerned if this person who had pierced seven or eight times before and knew my usually stoic nature was telling me it was going to hurt. However, after he clamped my lip and then put the needle through from the top mark downwards, twisting my lip in the middle to see the exit hole, I learned that the answer was "no". It wasn't completely painless - it stung when the needle went through the top part - but it wasn't bad at all. I can't remember if I even looked in the mirror before leaving, but after watching my friend get pierced and then talking to the piercer for a few minutes, I could feel that my lip was starting to swell a little already.

When I got home I looked in the mirror and immediately thought it was slanted, with the top hole being way off center, but since my piercer had always done as awesome job on the work he'd done on my friends and myself, I figured it was just due to the swelling that had started. After a few days the swelling went down and I still wasn't sure if it was straight or not. I debated the matter for about two weeks, which included getting input from friends and my piercer, and finally decided that it was definitely not straight and it was definitely going to bother me. My piercer told me he'd redo it if I took it out, so that's what I did. I missed it a lot even after having it for such a short time, and a few weeks later we repierced. I was expecting the stinging to be worse this time and maybe to even experience some actual pain since it was going to be pierced partially through where the old piercing was. After spending forever marking the entry and exit points to make sure that they were definitely perfectly vertical and centered, he pierced my lip for the second time and this time it was barely even uncomfortable. The swelling afterwards was more minor than the first time and only lasted a few days. The only unfortunately side effect both times was that smiling was slightly uncomfortable due to the pulling feeling that having a swollen lip with new jewelry in it created.

My aftercare was super basic and consisted just of removing the lymph from around the bottom ball with a cotton swab wet with warm water plus doing a sea salt soak every once in awhile. Healing was going well and I was happy with vertical labret version 2.0 and then.. about two weeks after I got it pierced the second time, a guy I had been dating a few months earlier and I resumed our involvement. To put it succinctly: there's a reason why my piercer told me no kissing etc for at least two weeks and I knew I should listen and knew what would probably happen if i didn't, but I disregarded that advice anyway. The newly forming fistula ended up tearing and some minor migration occurred. I now have a piercing that's still vertically straight but is now slightly off center. It doesn't bother me and it's my own fault for being dumb, but it's nonetheless I thought I should mention it as a warning.

It's been about four months since I got the piercing the second time and all is well. Other than my tearing issue, healing was ridiculously uncomplicated, and my vertical labret now enjoys its permanent placement in my lip.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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