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My long-awaited yet impulsive lip ring

[Quick note: It's actually been FOUR months since I've gotten my lip pierced, but three was the closest option the list had]

When I was sixteen I decided I HAD to have a lip ring, but after begging my mom (and being refused) I gave up the idea and moved on to something else. A little after I turned 18 I decided to just go for it, and get it done. I went to the Electric Chair in Riverside, CA. I was a little apprehensive about the place, to be honest, since before this I'd considered it mostly just a clothing store. But the piercer was REALLY nice, very professional (I watched him change gloves three times while piercing me). I regret to admit I don't know his name, but if you see a guy with noticeably enormous plugs (at least and inch and a half to two inches in diameter), that's him.

I decided to get it on the right side of my lip, because I'm left handed and I felt that I'd be more balanced that way. (Yeahh, I'm weird.)

After getting my piercing, a friend of mine who used to have her lip pierced took me out to eat, saying that she was hungry and I'd "have to get used to it eventually". Of course, I made a fool out of myself (I was convinced I was drooling). My ring felt like it was taking up my whole face, and I wondered if I'd made a mistake.

I got used to the feeling of the ring in a few days; cleaning was easy, I used a Q-Tip and Method handsoap (called "Naked", no perfume or dyes - got it at Target) on the outside and Listerine for the inside, twice a day. I cleaned the crust off everyday, and tried not to play with it too much. When I washed my face or put makeup on, I just kept it away from the area around my ring.

When I first got it done, I kept it leaned to the outside corner of my mouth, just because it was out of the way while I was eating and stuff. After awhile when I tried to lean it back towards the middle, but it just went PHLOOP back to the outside. I started to freak out, thinking I'd messed up my lip ring already, so I started keeping it upright. I got used to that position after awhile and now that it's healed, it can go either way.

As far as eating went, for awhile it was hard because when I first had it, I couldn't stretch my mouth to bite things (burritos, burgers, etc). I'd say the second or third day of having it was the worst soreness, but after that it was okay. After a week or two it was mostly okay, but if I forgot and started playing with it, it'd ache. It completely stopped hurting after about two months. Brushing my teeth I was also concerned about because I didn't want to aggravate it too much; for about the first two weeks I'd pull my lower lip away while brushing the bottom, and try not to open too wide while flossing. Now, though, it's completely fine, I can brush, eat, and kiss ;)

A few weeks (about six) after I had it done, I had to work a lot, so I went back to my piercer to get my ring changed for a retainer. This I had a lot of problems with, because I wasn't gentle enough and the rubber band things kept falling off. All the fussing and changing it had irritated it a little though, so I put the ring back in myself (don't do it unless you're completely confident you can) and resolved to leave it alone.

About this time I'd stopped being so careful about cleanings and started sleeping with my face directly on the pillow. I noticed I had a bump on the inside of my lip; it got to almost the size of a pencil eraser, and I was worried about infection or who knows what. (It didn't hurt, though.) I read online that sometimes pressure or irritation can cause a bump, so I made sure that my ring wasn't being pushed on while I was sleeping, started cleaning again, and the bump completely went away. Don't be lazy, do your five minute cleanings twice a day and you won't have any problems.

My ring stopped crusting COMPLETELY about two and a half to three months after I got it. I absolutely love it, I'm completely used to it being a part of me. The only time it's hard to rotate is when I'm really thirsty. I still use Listerine twice a day (I've gotten used to the taste!)

I would definitely recommend my piercer. What I WOULDN'T recommend is changing it before it's completely healed, stopped crusting, and is easy to rotate. So make sure it's alright with your employer and everything beforehand.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: The+guy+with+the+huge+plugs
Studio: Electric+Chair
Location: Riverside%2C+CA

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