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My first "real" piercing.

Okay, well I've been dying for my lip piercing, for like three years. I'm almost 14. So yeah. I was always stuck on trying to get my mom to let me get my tongue pierced, and she said no. Always. =[ So I asked about my lip, and that took a little persuasiveness, but she finally agreed. I had to do like "Well, I wont get another piercing for...3 months, if you let me get this." or "If I do good in school, can I get this done?" (which by the way, I did HORRIBLE in school. SHHHH! :P) And persuasive things like that, eventually she gave in, cause I'm just that good. :P

She was making plans to go get a second tattoo on her birthday, so she decided that I could do it then. The ride to the piercing shop wasn't that good. Haha. I was a little nervous, (it didn't help that it takes 90 minutes to get there...) so I couldn't eat anything. I had heard from one of my friends that before you get pierced or tattooed you should eat something, and not go in on an empty stomach, so eating was a sort of difficult task because I felt like if I ate anything it'd just come back up. But, I attempted to eat, because I didn't want my mom or anyone seeing that I was nervous or anything, because I don't like it when people can see my emotions. I'm weird like that.

When we got there, and I walked in, it wasn't what I expected. It was a pretty.... comfortable environment. And they played the kind of music I like. =] While my mom was getting her tattoo outlined, or whatever, I had to fill out the paperwork, and my mom had to get her ID out and all that dandy stuff. :P After all of the paperwork and such was done, I guess I looked a little nervous, because Chrissy asked me if I was okay. Haha. I said yes, and in a few short minutes I was sitting in the chair, waiting for it all to happen.

I also liked it there, because they weren't uptight or totally serious. They joke, and laugh, and all that good stuff, to make you feel comfortable. It's pretty cool. =]

Waiting in there, and watching people get their tattoos and piercings was sort of making me cringe. Like, I saw their faces, and what they said after, and they just like... I don't know. They acted like it totally hurt. So me getting my lip pierced, it was making me so much more nervous.

Okay, well. Chrissy had me rinse out my mouth, with this DISGUSTING mouth wash, I'm guessing. And then put some of this like...I dunno, gel type stuff on my lip, and wiped it off. She put the clamps on my lip, which, prior to other peoples experiences, didn't feel all the uncomfortable. After she had the clamps on, she grabbed the needle, and asked me if I was ready. Which I was. I could feel as she pressed the needle against my lip, and when it went through I kinda giggled. I really don't know why, and they said they've never had someone do that before. So I'm special. Hehe. :P

As she was putting the ring through, she told me not to catch the needle as it fell. And then she used the metal magnetic tool [haha, I don't know either] to put the ball on the ring, and I was done. She gave me the sea salt, and the swish I bought, and sent me on my way. :P (well not technically, we were there for three hours)

So. Pain was very minimal, the swelling...well mine swelled in a matter of ten minutes. It was insane. Like instantly it was swelled up, and it was so funny when I attempted to talk. I don't think that'd happen to you, my body's just weird like that, so don't expect that to happen to you as well..Haha. Anyways, amazing service, and basically the best first experience someone could have. Although, you probably disagree. Hah.

Its been two weeks, its healing miraculously, no swelling, no problems, except for the occasional me forget its there, and biting my lip. Eating wasn't THAT much of a problem.. I just kept biting down on the ring. But other than that. It was an amazing experience. Like, I seriously can't stress enough how amazing it was, without sounding like I'm bragging and what-not. :P

People are always like "OMG! Didn't that hurt?!" or "Its fake isn't it?" I dunno. I guess they just assume I can't handle the pain. Which I SO can! :D

I TOTALLY recommend C3 Tattoos & Body Piercing to anyone in the Fairfield, Maine area. :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chrissy
Studio: C3+Tattoos+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Fairfield%2C+Maine

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