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My Snake Bites

Ok so a week ago (12th Feb 08) I finally went and got my snake-bites done. I have been waiting, and planning to get them done for over a year, and I've said since before christmas that I have wanted to get them done, so I thought, right I got my middle labret done this time last year by Claire at Hepcat and I am going to make it into 3 lip piercings. Claire has done all but one of my piercings and I am very much pleased with her, she is an AMAZING piercer, clean, hygienic and shes very friendly.

So off I went last Monday to Hepcat, walked in and talked to Claire and told her that I wanted 2 piercings done, my snake bites. She said sure, but can you come back in a hour as I've just put the auto-clave on, so I toddled off for a hour and then came, back. Greeted with a smile and a clipboard off I went and filled out the form, then she asked me whether I wanted 1.2g or 1.6g jewelery, went for 1.2g, so I filled the forms out whilst she prepared upstairs for me.

The anticipation, I sat and waited for her to come back down and take the forms from me, my heart fluttering I couldn't wait to get them done.

Once I filled it out she stamped it and told me to follow her upstairs as usual, one of my favorite bits walking up those rickety stairs as you know that your getting pierced.

So in I came to her lovely studio, she sat me down then on came the gloves, and out came the pen, she marked up the left side, and asked if I liked it there, I agreed, then she got the measuring tool out and measured my face, she marked up, beamed and said perfect then checked with a clamp and the little torch to look for any troublesome veins. She then said have a look the dots are both same from your other piercing and from the corner of your mouth.

I checked loved them, she asked if she could do the left first as she has difficulty doing the jewelery up on the left side (shes right handed).

She then opened up the jewelery bags, needle bags, and placed all the fresh clean and just opened equipment. Then she got out the clamps and light again, checked that she didn't need to move the mark, nope didn't need to but she said that it might bleed a bit due to being slightly close to a vein but not through one.

She commented on how she likes my lips cos their very soft on the inside, so that made me laugh, bless I love Claire she rocks!

So she numbed up my lip with the spray, then said ready? Clamped and pop the needle went through and she removed it leaving the plastic, cut it and then put the labret stud in, I couldn't resist I had to look.

Had a little blood with that one, so she wiped up the outside not very much there with a clean cotton-bud and in the inside where their was a bit more blood with another clean cotton-bud.

Then she moved over to the right side. She again, checked with the clamps and torch then sprayed with the numbing spray, clamped my lip and ready? Pop out comes the 2nd needle she removed the needle again leaving the plastic which she cut then pushed in the 2nd labret stud, did up the ball and done.

She had a little more clean up on the 1st one as it still had a little bit of blood coming from it, then she wiped the other one just incase with yet another clean cotton budd.

She told me about all the after care (which I already new, due to having being pierced before) and that there might be some swelling.

Went downstairs and payed the price (£40) that they cost and I am happy with them. She gave me my part of the sheet, and off I went.

They nearly 2 weeks later, no swelling happened, I had a little amount of clamp bruising on the inside but thats all gone now. One very happy girl. Shall be going in 2 weeks time to get the studs changed to shorter ones.

My two new ones are in line, and look fabulous and I would happily go and get them done again :).

I highly recommend going to see Claire for ANY piercings done, shes AMAZING! All her equipment, studio and everything is very clean!

She opens all of the packets in front of your eyes which is an awesome thing to see. Shes a very good and a skilled piercer!

Cheers for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Claire
Studio: Hepcat+Tattoos
Location: Chelmsford%2C+Essex

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