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My First Lip Piercing (unprofessionally)

So I started thinking about getting my lip pierced in the summer of 2007. I never actually got around to doing it until recently. So Here goes the story.

It was Thursday, February 22nd. I was at a friends house during lunch (I'm in high school) and we had a little bit to drink. A friend of mine was getting her belly button pierced so I felt the urge to watch that. It made me think of how I wanted to pierce my lip. So I asked my friend if when they were done if they wanted to pierce my lip and they said "sure". The problem is I didn't have the proper jewelry at the time so we had to use and earing.

Before piercing my lip my friend had another non used piercing needle and some alcohol swabs to sterilize the jewelry and my mouth. The whole time I was just thinking about how much it would hurt. She gave me a count down. "3... 2... 1..." and it was all done. All I felt was a hard pinch and the jewelry was in in no time. She wiped the area with an alcohol swab and cleaned the little blood that was there. I quickly gave her a hug and went to the closest mirror to check it out. It looked good even though it was just a silver stud.

So later that night I had a little more to drink and I was wrestling with one of my friends outside in the snow at the local mall and after we had finished wrestling I had noticed that my piercing had fallen out. I was searching the ground for about 20 minutes with people walking by giving me weird looks and then I finally got fed up with looking for it and went to a friends house. I knocked on the door and went to go see him. I told him the story about what happened and asked if he or his sister had an extra lip piercing. Of course with my luck he didn't. So I asked if he had anything else that I could use. He when upstairs for a bit and when he came down he gave me an eyebrow barbell. Right away I asked if he could try to put it in. No luck. The hole had already closed. I was furious. So I took the barbell and said thanks and left to go back home.

When I got home I asked my dad if I could use a sewing needle. Of course he knew something was up. What kid asks for a sewing needle. So I was searching and searching for a needle but I couldn't find one. Good thing I didn't because I was still pretty drunk. I would have ended up piercing a way different spot probably.

The next day I went back to my friend with the eyebrow barbell and told her the story of what happened. She laughed at me. But she pierced it again for me and it hurt a little bit more then the other day. It was weird because I started shaking when i felt the pain. It wasn't even that bad it just made me start shaking a bit. Especially putting the jewelry in. It started swelling up fast.

It got to the point where it was about 3 times the normal size. It was also really sore for the first couple of days. But eventually the swelling went down with the help of some ice. I've been doing sea salt soaks for the outside of my lip and brushing my teeth and tongue and using listerine that i've diluted with water to clean the inside of my mouth. Also every time I eat or smoke I was out my mouth with water. It's now February 26th. The swelling is pretty much all gone and it's not tender anymore. I'm still cleaning it the same as before. I still get crusties but that's pretty much it. The only times it hurts is when I first wake up in the morning because I move around a lot when I sleep or when im outside for long periods of time. But I think that might be because it gets irritated.

I would recommend getting a lip piercing to anyone who wants one. Personally I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself just because mine never really did turn out perfect. It's a little low but that's ok. Do it yourself but only if you know 100% everything is sterile and if your going to take good care of it. And when you get it done try to play with it as little as possible. For me it was hard and still is but it will help it heal faster and it won't irritate it as much. Also when you sleep try and sleep on the side that doesn't have the piercing on it or on your back. For me it doesn't really matter since I move around when I sleep.

Happy Piercing =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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