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Miss Madonna Revolution

I'd been thinking about getting my Monroe/Madonna done for weeks. Ever since my friend struck up with the idea of getting her hips pierced (which I hadn't heard of until about a month ago). I've always had a lot of friends with all sorts of body modifications but I'd never seriously considered getting anything facially done on myself. It just never came up. Of course when I was younger, in middle school, I always contemplated it. I'd thought of getting my lips pierced, my nose, my eyebrow but I'd always just let it slip. So my mom wasn't so keen on the idea of me getting a piercing but heck my mind was set.

So after weeks of talking about piercings, my friend and I finally take words to action. Yesterday we met up in town with another friend of ours, Jacob* (she was 4 hours late by the way). After reading all the information (most provided by BME of course) on scarring, infection and how important it is to have a good, reputable piercer- my friend and I ended up running around to different piercing/tattoo shops. It was a pain, and cost a lot of transport money but I'd say it's worth it! There were a couple of shops that were obviously no-no's, then finally we decided to stick with this one shop. Our friends had had plenty of piercings done there before so we weren't too worried.

We entered the place and no one said anything to us. So first we ask them how much the hip/Madonna piercings were ($50 hip, $34 Madonna plus jewelry). The guy said he'd first have to check my friend though to see if she was able to get her hips pierced because apparently some people can't. I guess you have to have enough skin/flesh or something. At this point we were both feeling extremely giddy. Especially when he gave the OK to my friend's hip piercing. Anyways we paid the money, filled out forms (my mom didn't have to come with me, I know it's illegal), chose the jewelry and they'd told us to come back after 15 minutes. Of course we could barely hold in our excitement.

20 minutes later we were back. My friend had gone first (no one else was allowed in), there were only 2 rooms and 1 of them was already occupied. It was probably a mistake because while I was waiting for her, there were insane butterflies in my stomach; I thought I was going to blow up. Also especially because I could hear tattoos being done and heavy metal music pounding in the background. Finally it was my turn. My friend gave me the thumbs up as I took a deep breath.

I entered the little room. The tattoo artist adjusted the seat back into an upright position so I could get comfortable. First he checked my lips for veins and such (I'd made SURE before that this was part of their procedure). Wiped the outside of my lip with some sort of solution/cream with a cotton bud and gave me a cup of mouthwash to rinse my mouth for about 30 seconds. To be honest the tip of my tongue was burning a bit. I finally spat it out and my piercer marked the placement. When I was finally happy with it, I surveyed it one more time. There was no going back now! There had been lots of people who were against me getting this piercing for reasons being "It wouldn't look good", "It's a giant metal mole/pimple", "It ruins faces", you get the idea.

It was time. He got the clamp, clamped my lip and checked the positioning, the alignment. He told me it was going to pinch and to relax and take a deep breath as he counted to 3. I shut my eyes and thought "Oh God, oh God why did I decide to do this????" I took a deep breath and I felt the needle poking through. It did prick at first obviously, but it was more of a weird feeling. Like I could feel the needle going through layers. He told me to open my eyes, it was through! And he'd placed a cork on the end facing my eye. He began to slip in the piercing, I'd chosen the regular metal ball for now. It stung a little, especially when he screwed the ball shut. But once I looked at myself in the mirror, I forgot about the stinging and fell in love. I absolutely loved it!!! It was a little big for my taste, but that's no big problem. He gave me instructions on aftercare; to use mouthwash after every meal/drink/smoke for two weeks, clean it twice a day etc. the regular stuff. Afterwards, we went to meet other friends whom I got a lot of mixed responses from. Some still think it doesn't suit me, others love it. But I don't care, I love it regardless. Plus I have full lips; I think that suits Madonna/Monroe's a lot better. I'm still a little weary about the scarring afterwards, but I'll worry about that later. For now, I'm in love! My boyfriend loves it too. Unfortunately it does make kissing hard, but hey it's only temporary.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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