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2nd times the charm

well as you can tell I just got a new piercing. As you can tell its my lip. I got the idea for a lip ring about 4 years ago. I finally got my parents to budge about last aug-sept. I got my left bottom lip pierced. I loved it. kept it for about 3 months and had to take it out for my new job. So I waited and I asked for about a month. They said no because I took it out last time. I was so pissed.

So around my birthday I asked again for it.. The answer I got back made me really happy. My mother said yes. so I wated a week. All ancy and everything. The day came and I asked. They said no, wait for tomarrow. Being I had my hopes up I got pissed. But I figured I asked for about 3 months straight, I can wait a day. I woke up for class at about 8:30 a.m. didnt pay attention. I'm home schooled but I can always go to my playbacks so I know what went on during class. But I was to excited to pay attention!

Finally class was over, and I was happy. Mum came home and we sat at home for about 10 mins until we left. Its a half an hour drive to my piercer. But its really cheep and clean. We get there, and I run up the steps to the shop. I open the door to the shop and I get the smell like I'm at the hospital or the dentist office. The 2 piercers/tattooers were behind the counter. They were working on sketches and my usual piercer smiles at me and is like "whatcha want this time?" I smiled at him and told him "I want the left side of my lip done again"

He gave my mum the papers to fill out, took her ID and mine and copied everything. Went in the back and got all of equiptment. "come on back" he told me and I went back to the little room. His computer had heavy metal playing and he started to talk to me. He put on his gloves. He asked me why I took out the last lip ring. I told him and he laughed. He spun the chair around and opened everything. From the jewlery, to the clamps, to the pliers to close it. He gave me a cup of listerine. Told me to swish and spit and he placed the clamps on my lip. He didnt mark it because he had the old scar to go on.

He said breath in, I did and I felt the needle on the bottom of my lip. Then said breath out, I did so and I felt the needle go through. I found out when I get pierced my foot twitches when the needle goes in. Anyways back to the story. He took the clamps off, told me to keep my lip out. so I made half a fishy face. He laughed at me. threaded the jewlery in, closed it with the clamps and put on the ball and went over the after care proceedures even though I knew them. Gave me more listerine and told me to swish and spit. Told me I was done and I could go out and pay.

I walked out and paid. Its been about 3 hours now. I'm not swollen like I was last time, but I give it over night to start swelling. As for that piercing. It wasnt my only body mod. I have 12 others. I have my belly button, nostril, 2 top cartilages that are gauged to a 14, and 4 on each side of my lobes. I'm planning on getting the right side of my lip done after school is over and summer starts. Then then next piercing is my Monroe. Then its off to the septum. I'll post pics and my other stories when the new piercings arrive on my face. Thats if my parents let me get them. My mum approves of the piercings I get. As long as I keep my grades up and take care of them.

as for anybody who wants to get a body mod, I highly suggest you think about it. I mean they can look great but if it gets infected or migrates your in big trouble. Also make sure your shop is lagit and well taken care of. If it looks bad or if they don't wear gloves or don't have the area clean. I've been getting pierced since I was 13. I love to do body mods. But make sure you know what your getting into. Hope you happy and healthy piercing times. If you want to contact me my AIM is shannonsavagetm or you can email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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