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A Bad Lowbret Experiance

I had always had a kind of fascination with piercings. Personally, I've had about 30 piercings, including my septum and my bridge. Last February, I was finally turning 16, which here in Ontario meant you could legally be pierced without parental consent. My mum didn't care what I did to my body since it was my own, but I informed her I would just be getting my "septum pierced, nothing serious." I had planned on getting my septum for around four months, but about a week before my piercing date, I had been searching lip piercings as I was going to get my monroe done, and I discovered lowbrets.

So about a week later, February 23rd, two days after my birthday, I called two of my good friends, Kyle and Curtis, and we headed off the Hardcore. I was slightly nervous, but more so excited. Curtis was the first to show, and we headed inside, since it was chilly. I was the only one in the shop that day, so Barbie right away asked what I wanted and where. I told her I wanted my septum, and my mouth also decided to say "lowbrets", which I honestly did not think I was going to say. Unfortunately, she didn't know what lowbrets were and I was slightly annoyed. I made a really bad decision, and decided to go along with the piercings anyways. I told her the spot and showed her where they would be positioned, and I even explained the proper way to pierce. I felt really smart, and I'm sure she didn't feel too brilliant.

Kyle hadn't showed yet, since he was walking to the shop from the other side of town, and we decided to go ahead and get the piercings done. My adrenaline was flowing hard, and I shook as I sat there, my septum being marked. My septum piercing complete (which was the only piercing that actually hurt me), I prepared for more metal in my face. She pulled out the new needles and switched her gloves. I told her how to pierce, and she made a very sad attempt. My right piercing went almost straight downward, and my left lowbret went sideways, to the right. The pain was intense and I flinched, but nothing to put me in tears. I would say my septum was slightly more painful.

I paid her the $105, but decided not to tip her. My septum was perfect, but my lowbrets looked like shiney war wounds. Then Kyle, Curtis, and I decided to walk across town to the mall (I live in a smaller town). The whole way, my lowbrets bled and felt hot. We got to the mall, and decided to get ourselves lunch. I bought a sub, and sat down with my friends. Eating away, I heard a crunch, and felt excruciating pain in my gum and tooth. I had bit the right lowbret back, and it had chipped my tooth. I ran to the washroom, lip and gum bleeding. It was one of the worst pains I had ever endured.

Later that night, at home, I decided to remove the right lowbret, which I had bitten. When I went to pull out the bar, I felt an intense pain and I felt extremely dizzy. It was excruciating, and my mother took me to the hospital. They explained that the piercing was infected, and that I was having a very bad reaction. I already knew this, and I made it clear to them while I was dopped up that I knew, and they sent me home with painkillers. About three days later I removed the left lowbret, which was pussing and bloody. Luckily, I did not get sick. But, my mouth felt like it had been stung by thousands of bees, and I didn't feel good for about another week.

Incase you were wondering, I had tried to clean my left lowbret with a sea salt soak and soap and water, but it was hopeless. My septum healed perfectly fine, but I felt like crap for wasting $64 on two piercings that were now gone. I really wanted my lowbrets, for the whole day I had them they suited my face really well, even though I was all swollen.

Even after this bad experiance, I still want more piercings. I had my bridge pierced by Billy, who also worked at Hardcore, and who was much more experianced. My 17th birthday is in two days, and I plan on going to get my nipples and vertical labrets pierced in a different shop, in a bigger city.

Watch out for bad piercers. Especially ones from a small town! I had a bad experiance. Please make sure you go to a responsible place, and don't make the same mistake I did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Barbie
Studio: Hardcore+Tattoo+and+Piercings
Location: Ontario%2C+Canada

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