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Secret Smiley

Of course, you're about to read another self done smiley story.

A few evenings ago, I was sitting around, as usual and reading BME. I was craving a new piercing, something original, and that no one else in my area had. I was thinking about re-piercing my tongue-web, but seeing as t how I want my tongue pierced soon, I decided it would wait.

Then I remembered the smiley piercing. I discussed it with my friend, who tried to warn me about all kinds of terrible things that could happen. I told him to stop making things up, as I had researched thoroughly. Then he told me he really just didn't want anymore metal invading HIS space. I almost decided against it, but I realized it shouldn't be up to someone else to decide how I look. I began to think perhaps I couldn't pierce it, because it's such an awkward spot, but he told me I could.

I sanitized a used piercing needle sighs by leaving it in the oven for an hour, I cleaned the counter, washed my hands got out the jewellry, retrieved the needle & I then realized I should probably clean my mouth out. I took the Orange flavoured Scope (Mouth wash) and rinsed. I lifted my lip up although it was terribly awkward trying to hold my lip in such a position.

I lined the needle up, and pushed it through. It started to tent before the needle broke through the other side. It was 14g and my jewellry, 16g. It was a very different type of, pain, if such a word could be used. It just felt like a quick sharp sting. Unlike a few of the stories I had read, my eyes did not water.

I hooked my horseshoe through the needle and pulled it all through. I had a terribly difficult time trying to put the ball on. After five minutes, I pretended to play with my lip rings and asked my father for a pair of pliers. He handed me a pair, and i boiled some water and left them in for a few minutes. While I was waiting I was very scared it was going to fall out so I was trying to hold it in place. When I could no longer wait, I grabbed the pliers, dried them off with tissue, and used them to screw the ball on. It still took a good few minutes, but finally it was on. I was very thrilled with myself, so I looked at it and ran back to my computer to tell my friend.

This is one of my favourite piercings, because even when I smile, you cannot see it. Its my own pretty secret. The next morning I showed my mother who told me it was disgusting and that I should remove it. So much for supportive parents, eh?

When I arrived at Spanish class that afternoon, I showed my friend Kayla, who is also into body modification. She was so excited about this new piercing. We went to the back, pulled out the laptops, and I directed her to BME. She was asking me all sorts of questions, until she asked one I wasn't expecting. She asked me if I would pierce it for her.

I know it was stupid and irresponsible of me, but I agreed that she could come over to my house and I would pierce it. She was so excited for the rest of the period, I thought she would pop! My Spanish teacher tried to talk her out of it, but she realized she had her little heart set on this new piercing. We went through pretty much the same procedure, though this time we took pictures throughout. She was very worried it would hurt, but I explained to her she would just be fine. I pointed out her tattoos, and her other piercings, and told her not to worry. As I pierced it, her eyes watered, and she asked me if it was done, I told her it was finished, and she jumped up to see. On her, it's just the cutest thing. You can see it when she smiles, just the little purple balls. It matched her lip stud.

As for aftercare, I simply make sure I wash my mouth out with original Listerine a few times a day and I try not to play with it. It's quite a comfortable piercing although you occasionally have to adjust your lip over it to make sure it's comfy, especially after you show someone by lifting up your lip.

I think this piercing's really fun and individual, but if you're going to get it done, do as I say, not as I do, and get it done professionally. It's a lot smarter, since it's obviously a piercing which can easily reject.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Smiley Piercings

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Artist: My+self.
Studio: My+bathroom
Location: Niagara+Falls+Ontairo

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