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Super labret.

wanted a labret for a while prior to 'the big day'.

My mom, her friend, my brother and I had driven to Kingston for a day of shopping and of course my new piercing. I had researched many piercings and knew what I was getting into. I had been to the studio a few times prior and talked to the girl at the counter and the piercer, both very friendly people who seemed rather intelligent.

Buddha's Belly is a fairly new studio so I hadn't heard much about it but after I met the staff and checked out the atmosphere I decided to give it a try. I went in still undecided as to whether I would get an industrial or a labret. I wanted a labret more but my mom was partial to the idea of facial piercings.

We talked to the receptionist about the pro's and con's of each piercing. After a few minutes of my sweet talking and the receptionists reassurance it was decided. Labret. I filled out the paper work etc...

Ben took me back to the room and we talked for a bit about aftercare, what I knew about the piercing, if I was prepared for the piercing and just life in general. I swished with listerine. Then Ben marked the piercing, he took his time and marked carefully. After it was placed he showed me where it was and asked if I thought it looked straight. I thought it looked a little off center so I told him and he explained how he had lined it up with the rest of my face etc. But he assured me to ask questions even if I thought they were silly because after all it's my face!

So after numerous glove changes and preparation the jewelry and needles were taken out of the packages. I watched him do everything and he explained everything along the way. I laid back and he told me to keep breathing.

To my surprise I was not nervous at all. I was way too excited to be nervous. He placed the clamp on my lip which was kind of tight and then there was a tiny pinch. He said OK Hun! and it was over. My brother gasped at the sight of the needle through my lip which made me nervous. Ben quickly threaded through the jewelry and I was done. He held up the mirror and we admired his work. I was all smiles.

For the next half hour we sat and talked about aftercare. He told me to use an anti bacterial soap that he swore by called Spectro Derm. He said to use that twice daily and of course, listerine. He said not to let my pets sleep in my bed and to change my bedding regularly. Also, of course, hands off the piercing and do not play with it!

I went out to show my mom and the receptionist. They both liked it! We talked about piercings a bit more and my mom and her friend looked at the PA jewelry in astonishment. I explained the procedure to my mom and told her how clean Ben was. He changed his gloves about 20 times, after he touched ANYTHING possible of cross contamination.

My mom's friend liked my piercing aswell and on a spur of the moment thing decided to get her navel pierced! So after about 3 hrs in the studio we were on our way home!

The post was long of course because of swelling. I was very tempted to play with it but I tried not to. For the next few weeks I chomped down on the disk while eating. It worried me a lot and made me not want to play with it AT ALL. I would get crusties a lot so I would soak them with warm water, NOT twisting the barbell but gently pushing it in and out to get them all away. I used Spectro Derm and it worked great. It was not harsh and did not sting the wound. The total healing time was about a month.

About 2 months later I returned to get a smaller post and new jewelry. I decided on a 'super star' a blue star stud with a circle diamond in the middle! Ben took a picture of my spiffy new jewelry and we talked for a bit.

I pop in the studio once in awhile now. I has been about 8 months since I got my labret and it healed wonderfully and I am able to stretch it from 14g to 12g...almost 10.

I am going back to Buddha's Belly in 2 weeks to finally get my long awaited industrial. I am very excited.

Thanks to Ben and Dallas at Buddha's Belly. I love my labret deeply.

Kaitlin [MarmeladeFlesh]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ben+MacDonald
Studio: Buddha%27s+Belly
Location: Kingston%2C+ON

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